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10 questions for debate

This summary has been archived and will not be updated,because the summarised document is no longer in force or does not reflect the current situation.

10 questions for debate

In the Second Report on Economic and Social Cohesion, published at the end of January 2001, the European Commission:

  • appraises economic and social cohesion across the European Union during the period 1995-96;
  • assesses the future of cohesion policy and describes the outlook in the light of the substantial changes brought about by the globalisation of the economy and the challenges deriving from enlargement.

In order to launch a genuine debate on the future regional policy of the European Union, the Commission is also asking ten fundamental questions. It is calling on all the stakeholders (Member States, local authorities, local players, experts and European organisations) to turn their attention to this issue and to participate in the specific seminars to be held during the first half of 2002. These ten questions are as follows:

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