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Broad economic policy guidelines (BEPGs)

The broad economic policy guidelines (BEPGs) are guidelines on macroeconomic and structural policies that aim to coordinate the European Union (EU) countries’ economic policies so as to achieve common goals. The BEPGs deal with macroeconomic and structural policies for both the EU as a whole and for individual EU countries. The guidelines are subject to a multilateral surveillance mechanism that aims to ensure that EU countries comply with them.

The Council formulates a non-binding recommendation on broad guidelines for the economic policies of EU countries and may make public recommendations where a country’s economic policies are not consistent with the BEPGs.

Article 121 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union requires EU countries to regard their economic policies as a matter of common concern and coordinate them within the Council.

In 2010, the BEPGs were brought together with the employment guidelines under the single heading of integrated guidelines (IGs), and are the basis of the European employment strategy. The IGs are the main instrument for coordinating EU countries’ reform efforts in the area of labour market and social policies.