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Document C:1999:038:TOC

Title and reference
Official Journal of the European Communities, C 38, 12 February 1999

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  • Date of document: 12/02/1999
Miscellaneous information
  • Author: European Communities
  • Form: Official Journal
Official Journal
of the European Communities
ISSN 0378-6986

C 38
Volume 42
12 February 1999
English editionInformation and Notices

I Information
1999/C 38/01Euro exchange rates 1
1999/C 38/02Notice of initiation of an anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of certain parts of television camera systems originating in Japan 2
1999/C 38/03Case No IV/37.179 — BBC & Flextech (1) 3
1999/C 38/04Prior notification of a concentration (Case No IV/M.1447 — Deutsche Post/trans-o-flex) (1) 6
1999/C 38/05Prior notification of a concentration (Case No IV/M.1341 — Westdeutsche Landesbank/Carlson/Thomas Cook) (1) 7
1999/C 38/06Prior notification of a concentration (Case No IV/M.1349 — CVC Capital Partners/Dynoplast) (1) 8
1999/C 38/07Commission Communication in the framework of the implementation of Council Directive 90/396/EEC of 29 June 1990 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels (1) 9
II Preparatory Acts
1999/C 38/08Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on coordination of social security systems (1) 10
1999/C 38/09Corrigendum to Common Position (EC) No 60/98 of 5 October 1998 adopted by the Council with a view to adopting a Council Regulation establishing a special framework of assistance for traditional ACP suppliers of bananas (OJ C 364, 25.11.1998) 32
(1) Text with EEA relevance