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Document 52017PC0081

Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION on the signing, on behalf of the European Union and its Member States, and provisional application of the Protocol to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, to take account of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union

COM/2017/081 final - 2017/032 (NLE)

Brussels, 20.2.2017

COM(2017) 81 final


Proposal for a


on the signing, on behalf of the European Union and its Member States, and provisional application of the Protocol to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, to take account of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union



Reasons for and objectives of the proposal

According to its Act of Accession, the Republic of Croatia undertakes to accede to the international agreements signed or concluded by the European Union and its Member States by means of a protocol to those agreements.

The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, was signed on 11 May 2012. It is presently undergoing ratification.

The proposed Protocol incorporates the Republic of Croatia as a contracting party to the Agreement and commits the Union to providing an authentic version of the Agreement in Croatian. The attached proposal constitutes the legal instrument for the signing and provisional application of the Protocol.

The negotiations on the Protocol with the Republic of Iraq were formally concluded with the initialling of the text on 24 August 2016. The Commission judges the results of the negotiations to be satisfactory and requests that the Council adopt the attached Decision on the signing and provisional application of the Protocol.

   Consistency with existing policy provisions in the policy area

By its Decision of 14 September 2012 1 , the Council authorised the Commission to open negotiations with the third countries concerned, in order to conclude the relevant protocols.


Legal basis

Articles 207 and 209 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, in conjunction with Article 218(5) thereof, and Article 6(2) of the Act of Accession of the Republic of Croatia.


A separate proposal on the conclusion of this Agreement is also being submitted.

2017/0032 (NLE)

Proposal for a


on the signing, on behalf of the European Union and its Member States, and provisional application of the Protocol to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, to take account of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union


Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Articles 207 and 209, in conjunction with Article 218(5) thereof,

Having regard to the Act of Accession of the Republic of Croatia, and in particular Article 6(2) thereof,

Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission,


(1)The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, was signed on 11 May 2012, and is presently undergoing ratification.

(2)In accordance with Article 6(2) of the Act of Accession of the Republic of Croatia, the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the Agreement is to be agreed by means of a protocol to the Agreement (‘the Protocol’). A simplified procedure is to apply to such accession, whereby a protocol is to be concluded between the Council, acting unanimously on behalf of the Member States, and the third country concerned.

(3)On 14 September 2012, the Council authorised the Commission to open negotiations with the third countries concerned in view of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the Union. The negotiations with the Republic of Iraq were successfully concluded with the initialling of the Protocol on 24 August 2016.

(4)The Republic of Croatia became a Member State of the Union on 1 July 2013.

(5)Article 5(3) of the Protocol provides for its provisional application pending its entry into force.

(6)The Protocol should be signed on behalf of the Union and its Member States, subject to its conclusion at a later date, and should be applied provisionally pending the date of its entry into force.


Article 1

The signing on behalf of the Union and its Member States of the Protocol to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, to take account of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, is approved on behalf of the Union and its Member States, subject to the conclusion of the said Protocol.

The text of the Protocol is attached to this Decision.

Article 2

The Council General Secretariat shall establish the instrument of full powers to sign the Protocol, subject to its conclusion, for the person(s) designated by the negotiator of the Protocol.

Article 3

The Protocol shall be applied provisionally in accordance with Article 5(3) thereof, with effect from 1 July 2013, pending its entry into force.

Article 4

This Decision shall enter into force on ….

Done at Brussels,

   For the Council

   The President

(1) Council Decision authorising the opening of negotiations for the adaptation of agreements signed or concluded between the European Union, or the European Union and its Member States, with one or more third countries or international organisations, in view of the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union (Council document 13351/12 LIMITED).

Brussels, 20.2.2017

COM(2017) 81 final


to the

Proposal for a Council Decision

on the signing, on behalf of the European Union and its Member States, and provisional application of the Protocol to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part to take account of the Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union































Contracting Parties to the Treaty on European Union, the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, hereinafter referred to as the "Member States", represented by the Council of the European Union, and

THE EUROPEAN UNION, hereeinafter refered to as "the European Union",

of the one part, and

THE REPUBLIC OF IRAQ, hereeinafter refered to as "Iraq"

of the other part,

hereinafter referred to together as "the Contracting Parties" for the purposes of this Protocol,

HAVING REGARD TO the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union on 1 July 2013;

WHEREAS the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement", was signed in Brussels on 11 May 2012;

WHEREAS the Treaty of Accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, hereinafter referred to as "Treaty of Accession", was signed in Brussels on 9 December 2011 and entered into force on 1 July 2013;

WHEREAS, pursuant to Article 6(2) of the Act of Accession of the Republic of Croatia its accession to the Agreement is to be agreed by the conclusion of a protocol to the Agreement;

WHEREAS consulations pursuant to Article 119 of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement have ,taken place in order to ensure that account has been taken of mutual interests of the Union and Iraq,

HAVE Agreed as follows:

Article 1

The Republic of Croatia hereby accedes as Party to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of the one part, and the Republic of Iraq, of the other part, signed in Brussels on 11 May 2012.

Article 2

Amendments to the text of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, including its annexes

1. ANNEX 1, Appendix I, Sub-annex 1 of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is replaced by the text set out in the Annex to this Protocol.

2. ANNEX 1, Appendix II of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is replaced by the following:

'Appendix II

Media for publication of procurement information

For Iraq

Procurement information is announced in the Iraqi Official Gazette.

For the Union

The Official Journal of the European Union

Information system for European public procurement:


— Laws, royal regulations, ministerial regulations, ministerial circulars – le Moniteur Belge

— Jurisprudence – Pasicrisie


— Laws and Regulations – Държавен вестник (State Gazette)

— Judicial decisions –

— Administrative rulings of general application and any procedure – and

Czech Republic:

— Laws and Regulations – Collection of Laws of the Czech Republic

— Rulings of the Office for the Protection of Competition – Collection of Rulings of the Office for the Protection of Competition


— Laws and regulations – Lovtidende

— Judicial decisions – Ugeskrift for Retsvaesen

— Administrative rulings and procedures – Ministerialtidende

— Rulings by the Appeal Board for Public Procurement – Konkurrencerådets Dokumentation


— Legislation and regulations – Bundesanzeiger; Herausgeber: der Bundesminister der Justiz; Verlag: Bundesanzeiger

— Judicial Decisions: Entscheidungsammlungen des Bundesverfassungsgerichts, Bundesgerichtshofs, Bundesverwaltungsgerichts, Bundesfinanzhofs sowie der Oberlandesgerichte


— Laws, regulations and administrative rulings of general application: Riigi Teataja

— Judicial decisions of the Supreme Court of Estonia: Riigi Teataja (part 3)


— Legislation and regulations – Iris Oifigiuil (Official Gazette of the Irish Government)


— Εφημερίς της Κυβερνήσεως της Ελληνικής Δημοκρατίας (Government Gazette of Greece)


— Legislation – Boletin Oficial des Estado

— Judicial rulings – no official publication


— Legislation – Journal Officiel de la République française

— Jurisprudence – Recueil des arrêts du Conseil d’Etat

— Revue des marchés publics


- Laws, regulations, administrative decisions and judicial rulings: Narodne Novine


— Legislation – Gazetta Ufficiale

— Jurisprudence – no official publication


— Legislation – Official Gazette of the Republic (Επίσημη Εφημερίδα της Δημοκρατίας)

— Judicial decisions: Decisions of the Supreme High Court – Printing Office (Αποφάσεις Ανωτάτου Δικαστηρίου 1999 – Τυπογραφείο της Δημοκρατίας)


— Legislation – Memorial

— Jurisprudence – Pasicrisie


— Legislation – Magyar Közlöny (Official Journal of the Republic of Hungary)

— Jurisprudence – Közbeszerzési Értesítő – a Közbeszerzések Tanácsa Hivatalos Lapja (Public Procurement Bulletin – Official Journal of the Public Procurement Council)


— Legislation – Latvijas vēstnesis (Official Newspaper)


— Laws, regulations and administrative provisions – Official Gazette (‘Valstybės Žinios’) of the Republic of Lithuania

— Judicial decisions, jurisprudence – Bulletin of the Supreme Court of Lithuania ‘Teismų praktika’; Bulletin of the Supreme Court of Administrative Court of Lithuania ‘Administracinių teismų praktika’


— Legislation – Government Gazette


— Legislation – Nederlandse Staatscourant and/or Staatsblad

— Jurisprudence – no official publication


— Österreichisches Bundesgesetzblatt Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung

— Sammlung von Entscheidungen des Verfassungsgerichtshofes

— Sammlung der Entscheidungen des Verwaltungsgerichtshofes – administrativrechtlicher und finanzrechtlicher Teil

— Amtliche Sammlung der Entscheidungen des OGH in Zivilsachen


— Legislation Dziennik Ustaw Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Journal of Laws – Republic of Poland)

— Judicial decisions, jurisprudence ‘Zamówienia publiczne w orzecznictwie. Wybrane orzeczenia zespołu arbitrów i Sądu Okręgowego w Warszawie’ (Selection of judgments of arbitration panels and Regional Court in Warsaw)


— Legislation – Diário da República Portuguesa 1a Série A e 2a série

— Judicial Publications: Boletim do Ministério da Justiça

— Colectânea de Acordos do SupremoTribunal Administrativo

— Colectânea de Jurisprudencia Das Relações


— Laws and Regulations – Monitorul Oficial al României (Official Journal of Romania)

— Judicial decisions, administrative rulings of general application and any procedure –


— Legislation – Uradni list Republike Slovenije (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia)

— Judicial decisions – no official publication


— Legislation – Zbierka zákonov (Collection of Laws)

— Judicial decisions – no official publication


— Suomen säädöskokoelma – Finlands författningssamling (The Collection of the Statutes of Finland)


— Svensk Författningssamling (Swedish Code of Statutes)

United Kingdom:

— Legislation – HM Stationery Office

— Jurisprudence – Law Reports

— ‘Public Bodies’ – HM Stationery Office'

3. ANNEX 3 of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement is replaced by the following:






European Commission - DG TRADE

Services and investment unit

Rue de la Loi 170

B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium



Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour

Department for Multilateral Trade Policy - C2/11

Stubenring 1

A-1011 Vienna, Austria

Telephone:    + 43 1 711 00 (ext. 6915/5946)

Telefax:    + 43 1 718 05 08



Service Public Fédéral Economie, PME,

Classes Moyennes et Energie Direction Générale du Potentiel Economique

(Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs,

Self-employed and Energy Directorate – General Economic Potential)

Rue du Progrès, 50

B-1210 Brussels, Belgium

Telephone:    (322) 277 51 11

Telefax:    (322) 277 53 11



Foreign Economic Policy Directorate

Ministry of Economy and Energy

12, Alexander Batenberg Str.

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


State Office for Trade Policy

Gajeva 4

10000 ZAGREB


Telephone: (385 1) 6444 600

Telefax: (385 1) 6444601



Permanent Secretary, Planning Bureau

Apellis and Nirvana corner

1409 Nicosia, Cyprus


Ministry of Industry and Trade

Department of Multilateral and EU Common Trade Policy

Politických vězňů 20

Praha 1, Czech Republic

Telephone    (420 2) 2485 2012

Telefax    (420 2) 2485 2656



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

International Trade Policy and Business

Asiatisk Plads 2

DK-1448 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Telephone:    (45)    3392 0000

Telefax:    (45)    3254 0533



Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

11 Harju street

15072 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone:    (372) 639 7654

(372) 625 6360

Telefax:    (372) 631 3660



Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Department for External Economic Relations

Unit for the EC's Common Commercial Policy

PO Box 176

00161 Helsinki, Finland

Telephone:    (358-9)    1605 5528

Telefax:    (358-9)    1605 5599


Ministère de l'Economie, des Finances et de l’Emploi

Direction Générale du Trésor et de la Politique Economique (DGTPE)

Service des Affaires Multilatérales et du Développement

Sous Direction Politique Commerciale et Investissement

Bureau Services, Investissements et Propriété Intellectuelle

139 rue de Bercy (télédoc 233)

75572 Paris Cédex 12, France

Secrétariat Général des Affaires Européennes

2, Boulevard Diderot

75572 Paris Cédex 12


German Office for Foreign Trade - bfai

Agrippastrasse 87-93

50676 Köln, Germany

Telephone:    (49221)    2057 345

Telefax:    (49221)    2057 262



Ministry of Economy and Finance

Directorate for Foreign Trade Policy

1 Kornarou Str.

10563 Athens, Greece


Ministry of Economy and Transport

Trade Policy Department

Honvéd utca 13-15.

H-1055 Budapest, Hungary

Tel:    361 336 7715

Fax:    361 336 7559



Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

International Trade Section (WTO)

Earlsfort Centre

Hatch St.

Dublin 2, Ireland

Telephone:    (353 1)    6312533

Telefax:    (353 1)    6312561


Ministero degli Affari Esteri

Piazzale della Farnesina, 1

00194 Rome, Italy

General Directorate for the Multilateral Economic and Financial Cooperation

WTO Coordination Office

Telephone:    (39) 06 3691 4353

Telefax:    (39) 06 3242 482


General Directorate for the European Integration

Office II – EU external relations

Telephone:    (39) 06 3691 2740

Telefax;    (39) 06 3691 6703


Ministerio Attività Produttive

Area per l'internazionalizzazione

Viale Boston, 25

00144 Rome, Italy

General Directorate for Commercial Policy

Division V

Telephone:    (39) 06 5993 2589

Telefax:    (39) 06 5993 2149



WTO Division

Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Policy Department

Ministry of Economics

Brivibas Str. 55

RIGA, LV 1519, Latvia

Telephone:    (371) 67 013 008

Telefax:    (371) 67 280 882



Division of International Economic Organizations,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

J. Tumo Vaizganto 2

2600 Vilnius, Lithuania

Telephone:    (370 52) 362 594 / (370 52) 362 598

Telefax:    (370 52) 362 586

E-mail:     teo.ed@urm.1t


Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Direction des Relations Economiques Internationales

6, rue de l'Ancien Athénée

L-1144 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Telephone:    (352)    478 2355

Telefax:    (352)    22 20 48



International Economic Relations Directorate

Economic Policy Division

Ministry of Finance

St. Calcedonius Square

Floriana CMR02, Malta


Ministry of Economic Affairs

Directorate-General for Foreign Economic Relations

Trade Policy and Globalisation (ALP: N/101)

P.O. Box 20101

2500 EC Den Haag, The Netherlands


Ministry of Economy

Department of Trade Policy

Ul. Żurawia 4a

00-507 Warsaw, Poland


Ministry of Economy

ICEP Portugal

Market Intelligence Unit

Av. 5 de Outubro, 101

1050-051 Lisbon, Portugal

Telephone:    (351 21) 790 95 00

Telefax:    (351 21) 790 95 81

E-mail:    informaçã 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

General Directorate for Community Affairs (DGAC)

R da Cova da Moura 1

1350 –11 Lisbon, Portugal

Telephone:    (351 21) 393 55 00

Telefax:    (351 21) 395 45 40


Ministry for SMEs, Trade, Tourism and Liberal Professions

Department for Foreign Trade

Str. Ion Campineanu nr. 16

Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

Telephone and fax:    (41 22) 401 05 58

Contact person:

Ms Natalia SCHINK

Head of Unit


Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

Trade and Consumer Protection Directorate

Trade Policy Department

Mierová 19

827 15 Bratislava 212, Slovak Republic


Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Slovenia

Mr. Dímitrij Grčar

Head of Multilateral Division

Kotnikova 5

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio

Secretaría de Estado de Turismo y Comercio

Secretaría General de Comercio Exterior

Subdirección General de Comercio Internacional de Servicios

Paseo de la Castellana 162

28046 Madrid, España

Telephone:    (34 91)    349 3781

Telefax:    (34 91) 349 5226



National Board of Trade

Global Trade Department

Box 6803

113 86 Stockholm, Sweden

Telephone:    (46 8)    690 4800

Telefax:    (46 8)    30 6759



Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Department: UD-IH

103 39 Stockholm, Sweden

Telephone:    46 (0) 8 405 10 00

Telefax:    46 (0) 8723 11 76




Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

Trade Policy Unit

Bay 4127

1 Victoria Street

London SW1H 0ET, England, United Kingdom

Telephone: (4420) 7215 5922

Fax: (4420) 7215 2235


Article 3

In due time after the initialling of this Protocol, the Union shall communicate to its Member States and the Republic of Iraq, the Croatian language version of the Agreement. Subject to the entry into force of this Protocol, the Croatian language version of the Agreement shall become authentic under the same conditions as the Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish language versions of the Agreement.

Article 4

This Protocol shall form an integral part of the Agreement.

Article 5

1.    This Protocol shall be approved by the Contracting Parties, in accordance with their own procedures. The Contracting Parties shall notify each other of the completion of the procedures necessary for that purpose. The instruments of approval shall be deposited with the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union.

2.    This Protocol shall enter into force on the first day of the month following the date of the deposit of the last instrument of approval, but not before the date of entry into force of the Agreement.

3.    Pending the date of its entry into force, the Protocol shall apply provisionally with effect from 1 July 2013.

Article 6

This Protocol is drawn up in duplicate in the Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish languages, each of these texts being equally authentic.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned Plenipotentiaries, duly empowered to this effect, have

signed this Protocol.

Done at …, this … day of .... in the year ...




'Sub - Annex 1

Central government entities which procure in accordance with provisions of Chapter I of Section V of Title II of this Agreement


Thresholds SDR 130 000

Services (specified in Sub-Annex 3)

Thresholds SDR 130 000

Works (specified in Sub-Annex 4)

Thresholds SDR 5 000 000

Commitments by Iraq

1. All central government entities, including any sub-ordinate entity of any central government entity and all other entities whose procurement policies are controlled by, dependent on, or influenced by central government and all other entities, financed by the central government or they are subject to management supervision by the central government.

2. Indicative list of these entities (precise titles are subject to change):

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Communications

National Communications and Media Commission

The Commission on Public Integrity

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Migration

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Electricity

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Ministry of Construction and housing (and all its SOE’s)

Ministry of Human Rights

Ministry of Industry and Minerals (and all its SOE’s)

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works

Ministry of Oil

Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation

Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Trade

Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of Water Resources

Ministry of Youth and Sport

Ministry of State for Tourism and Antiquities

Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs

Ministry of State for Women’s Affairs

Central Bank of Iraq

State Universities

Commitments by the Union

Union entities:

1. The Council of the European Union

2. The European Commission

The contracting authorities of the Member States:

1. All central government Ministries and Bodies governed by public law

For the Union, a body governed by public law means any body:

— established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest, not having an industrial or commercial character, and

— having legal personality, and

— financed for the most part by the State or regional or local authorities or other bodies governed by public law or subject to management and supervision by those bodies or having an administrative, managerial or supervisory board, more than half of whose members are appointed by the State, regional, local authorities or by other bodies governed by public law.

2. The following central government entities which procure in accordance with the provisions of Chapter II of Section V of Title II of this Agreement (indicative list):



1. Services publics fédéraux (Ministères):

SPF Chancellerie du Premier ministre;

SPF Personnel et organisation;

SPF Budget et Contrôle de la Gestion;

SPF Technologie de l’information et de la communication (Fedict);

SPF Affaires étrangères, commerce extérieur et coopération au développement;

SPF Intérieur;

SPF Finances;

SPF Mobilité et transports;

SPF Emploi, travail et concertation sociale;

SPF Sécurité Sociale et institutions publiques de sécurité sociale;

SPF Santé publique, sécurité de la chaîne alimentaire et environnement;

SPF Justice;

SPF Economie, PME, classes moyennes et energie;

Ministère de la Défense;

Service public de programmation Intégration sociale, lutte contre la pauvreté et économie sociale;

Service public fédéral de programmation Développement durable;

Service public fédéral de programmation Politique scientifique.

2. Régie des Bâtiments:

Office national de Sécurité sociale;

Institut national d’Assurance sociales pour travailleurs indépendants;

Institut national d’Assurance Maladie-Invalidité;

Office national des Pensions;

Caisse auxiliaire d’Assurance Maladie-Invalidité;

Fond des Maladies professionnelles;

Office national de l’Emploi.

1. Federale Overheidsdiensten (ministeries):

FOD Kanselarij van de Eerste Minister;

FOD Personeel en Organisatie;

FOD Budget en Beheerscontrole;

FOD Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (Fedict);

FOD Buitenlandse Zaken, Buitenlandse Handel en Ontwikkelingssamenwerking;

FOD Binnenlandse Zaken;

FOD Financiën;

FOD Mobiliteit en Vervoer;

FOD Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Sociaal overleg;

FOD Sociale Zekerheid en Openbare Instellingen van Sociale Zekerheid;

FOD Volksgezondheid, Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu;

FOD Justitie;

FOD Economie, KMO, Middenstand en Energie;

Ministerie van Defensie;

Programmatorische Federale Overheidsdienst Maatschappelijke Integratie, Armoedsbestrijding en Sociale Economie;

Programmatorische Federale Overheidsdienst Duurzame Ontwikkeling;

Programmatorische Federale Overheidsdienst Wetenschapsbeleid.

2. Regie der Gebouwen:

Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid;

Rijksinstituut voor de Sociale Verzekeringen der Zelfstandigen;

Rijksinstituut voor Ziekte-en Invaliditeitsverzekering;

Rijksdienst voor Pensioenen;

Hulpkas voor Ziekte-en Invaliditeitsverzekering;

Fonds voor Beroepsziekten;

Rijksdienst voor Arbeidsvoorziening.


— Администрация на Народното събрание

— Aдминистрация на Президента

— Администрация на Министерския съвет

— Конституционен съд

— Българска народна банка

— Министерство на външните работи

— Министерство на вътрешните работи

— Министерство на държавната администрация и административната реформа

— Министерство на извънредните ситуации

— Министерство на земеделието и храните

— Министерство на здравеопазването

— Министерство на икономиката и енергетиката

— Министерство на културата

— Министерство на образованието и науката

— Министерство на околната среда и водите

— Министерство на отбраната

— Министерство на правосъдието

— Министерство на регионалното развитие и благоустройството

— Министерство на транспорта

— Министерство на труда и социалната политика

— Министерство на финансите

State agencies, state commissions, executive agencies and other state authorities established by law or by Council of Ministers’ decree having a function relating to the exercise of executive power:

— Агенция за ядрено регулиране

— Висша атестационна комисия

— Държавна комисия за енергийно и водно регулиране

— Държавна комисия по сигурността на информацията

— Комисия за защита на конкуренцията

— Комисия за защита на личните данни

— Комисия за защита от дискриминация

— Комисия за регулиране на съобщенията

— Комисия за финансов надзор

— Патентно ведомство на Република България

— Сметна палата на Република България

— Агенция за приватизация

— Агенция за следприватизационен контрол

— Български институт по метрология

— Държавна агенция „Архиви“

— Държавна агенция „Държавен резерв и военновременни запаси“

— Държавна агенция „Национална сигурност“

— Държавна агенция за бежанците

— Държавна агенция за българите в чужбина

— Държавна агенция за закрила на детето

— Държавна агенция за информационни технологии и съобщения

— Държавна агенция за метрологичен и технически надзор

— Държавна агенция за младежта и спорта

— Държавна агенция по горите

— Държавна агенция по туризма

— Държавна комисия по стоковите борси и тържища

— Институт по публична администрация и европейска интеграция

— Национален статистически институт

— Национална агенция за оценяване и акредитация

— Националната агенция за професионално образование и обучение

— Национална комисия за борба с трафика на хора

— Агенция „Митници“

— Агенция за държавна и финансова инспекция

— Агенция за държавни вземания

— Агенция за социално подпомагане

— Агенция за хората с увреждания

— Агенция по вписванията

— Агенция по геодезия, картография и кадастър

— Агенция по енергийна ефективност

— Агенция по заетостта

— Агенция по обществени поръчки

— Българска агенция за инвестиции

— Главна дирекция „Гражданска въздухоплавателна администрация“

— Дирекция „Материално-техническо осигуряване и социално обслужване“ на Министерство на вътрешните работи

— Дирекция „Оперативно издирване“ на Министерство на вътрешните работи

— Дирекция „Финансово-ресурсно осигуряване“ на Министерство на вътрешните работи

— Дирекция за национален строителен контрол

— Държавна комисия по хазарта

— Изпълнителна агенция „Автомобилна администрация“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Борба с градушките“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Българска служба за акредитация“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Военни клубове и информация“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Главна инспекция по труда“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Държавна собственост на Министерството на отбраната“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Железопътна администрация“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Изпитвания и контролни измервания на въоръжение, техника и имущества“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Морска администрация“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Национален филмов център“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Пристанищна администрация“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Проучване и поддържане на река Дунав“

— Изпълнителна агенция „Социални дейности на Министерството на отбраната“

— Изпълнителна агенция за икономически анализи и прогнози

— Изпълнителна агенция за насърчаване на малките и средни предприятия

— Изпълнителна агенция по лекарствата

— Изпълнителна агенция по лозата и виното

— Изпълнителна агенция по околна среда

— Изпълнителна агенция по почвените ресурси

— Изпълнителна агенция по рибарство и аквакултури

— Изпълнителна агенция по селекция и репродукция в животновъдството

— Изпълнителна агенция по сортоизпитване, апробация и семеконтрол

— Изпълнителна агенция по трансплантация

— Изпълнителна агенция по хидромелиорации

— Комисията за защита на потребителите

— Контролно-техническата инспекция

— Национален център за информация и документация

— Национален център по радиобиология и радиационна защита

— Национална агенция за приходите

— Национална ветеринарномедицинска служба

— Национална служба „Полиция“

— Национална служба „Пожарна безопасност и защита на населението“

— Национална служба за растителна защита

— Национална служба за съвети в земеделието

— Национална служба по зърното и фуражите

— Служба „Военна информация“

— Служба „Военна полиция“

— Фонд „Републиканска пътна инфраструктура“

— Авиоотряд 28

Czech Republic

— Ministerstvo dopravy

— Ministerstvo financí

— Ministerstvo kultury

— Ministerstvo obrany

— Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj

— Ministerstvo práce a sociálních věcí

— Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu

— Ministerstvo spravedlnosti

— Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy

— Ministerstvo vnitra

— Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí

— Ministerstvo zdravotnictví

— Ministerstvo zemědělství

— Ministerstvo životního prostředí

— Poslanecká sněmovna PČR

— Senát PČR

— Kancelář prezidenta

— Český statistický úřad

— Český úřad zeměměřičský a katastrální

— Úřad průmyslového vlastnictví

— Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů

— Bezpečnostní informační služba

— Národní bezpečnostní úřad

— Česká akademie věd

— Vězeňská služba

— Český báňský úřad

— Úřad pro ochranu hospodářské soutěže

— Správa státních hmotných rezerv

— Státní úřad pro jadernou bezpečnost

— Česká národní banka

— Energetický regulační úřad

— Úřad vlády České republiky

— Ústavní soud

— Nejvyšší soud

— Nejvyšší správní soud

— Nejvyšší státní zastupitelství

— Nejvyšší kontrolní úřad

— Kancelář Veřejného ochránce práv

— Grantová agentura České republiky

— Státní úřad inspekce práce

— Český telekomunikační úřad


— Folketinget

— Rigsrevisionen

— Statsministeriet

— Udenrigsministeriet

— Beskæftigelsesministeriet

5 styrelser og institutioner (5 agencies and institutions)

— Domstolsstyrelsen

— Finansministeriet

5 styrelser og institutioner (5 agencies and institutions)

— Forsvarsministeriet

5 styrelser og institutioner (5 agencies and institutions)

— Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse

Adskillige styrelser og institutioner, herunder Statens Serum Institut (Several agencies and institutions, including Statens Serum Institut)

— Justitsministeriet

Rigspolitichefen, anklagemyndigheden samt 1 direktorat og et antal styrelser (Commissioner of Police, the public prosecutor, 1 directorate and a number of agencies)

— Kirkeministeriet

10 stiftsøvrigheder (10 diocesan authorities)

— Kulturministeriet — Ministry of Culture

4 styrelser samt et antal statsinstitutioner (4 departments and a number of institutions)

— Miljøministeriet

5 styrelser (5 agencies)

— Ministeriet for Flygtninge, Indvandrere og Integration

1 styrelse (1 agency)

— Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri

4 direktorater og institutioner (4 directorates and institutions)

— Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og Udvikling

Adskillige styrelser og institutioner, Forskningscenter Risø og Statens uddannelsesbygninger (Several agencies and institutions, including Risoe National Laboratory and Danish National Research and Education Buildings)

— Skatteministeriet

1 styrelse og institutioner (1 agency and several institutions)

— Velfærdsministeriet

3 styrelser og institutioner (3 agencies and several institutions)

— Transportministeriet

7 styrelser og institutioner, herunder Øresundsbrokonsortiet (7 agencies and institutions, including Øresundsbrokonsortiet)

— Undervisningsministeriet

3 styrelser, 4 undervisningsinstitutioner og 5 andre institutioner (3 agencies, 4 educational establishments, 5 other institutions)

— Økonomi- og Erhvervsministeriet

Adskillige styrelser og institutioner (Several agencies and institutions)

— Klima- og Energiministeriet

3 styrelser og institutioner (3 agencies and institutions)


— Auswärtiges Amt

— Bundeskanzleramt

— Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales

— Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

— Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz

— Bundesministerium der Finanzen

— Bundesministerium des Innern (only civil goods)

— Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

— Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend

— Bundesministerium der Justiz

— Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung

— Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie

— Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung

— Bundesministerium der Verteidigung (no military goods)

— Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit


— Vabariigi Presidendi Kantselei;

— Eesti Vabariigi Riigikogu;

— Eesti Vabariigi Riigikohus;

— Riigikontroll;

— Õiguskantsler;

— Riigikantselei;

— Rahvusarhiiv;

— Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium;

— Justiitsministeerium;

— Kaitseministeerium;

— Keskkonnaministeerium;

— Kultuuriministeerium;

— Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium;

— Põllumajandusministeerium;

— Rahandusministeerium;

— Siseministeerium;

— Sotsiaalministeerium;

— Välisministeerium;

— Keeleinspektsioon;

— Riigiprokuratuur;

— Teabeamet;

— Maa-amet;

— Keskkonnainspektsioon;

— Metsakaitse- ja Metsauuenduskeskus;

— Muinsuskaitseamet;

— Patendiamet;

— Tarbijakaitseamet;

— Riigihangete Amet;

— Taimetoodangu Inspektsioon;

— Põllumajanduse Registrite ja Informatsiooni Amet;

— Veterinaar- ja Toiduamet;

— Konkurentsiamet;

— Maksu- ja Tolliamet;

— Statistikaamet;

— Kaitsepolitseiamet;

— Kodakondsus- ja Migratsiooniamet;

— Piirivalveamet;

— Politseiamet;

— Eesti Kohtuekspertiisi Instituut;

— Keskkriminaalpolitsei;

— Päästeamet;

— Andmekaitse Inspektsioon;

— Ravimiamet;

— Sotsiaalkindlustusamet;

— Tööturuamet;

— Tervishoiuamet;

— Tervisekaitseinspektsioon;

— Tööinspektsioon;

— Lennuamet;

— Maanteeamet;

— Veeteede Amet;

— Julgestuspolitsei;

— Kaitseressursside Amet;

— Kaitseväe Logistikakeskus;

— Tehnilise Järelevalve Amet.


— President’s Establishment

— Houses of the Oireachtas — [Parliament]

— Department of the Taoiseach — [Prime Minister]

— Central Statistics Office

— Department of Finance

— Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General

— Office of the Revenue Commissioners

— Office of Public Works

— State Laboratory

— Office of the Attorney General

— Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

— Valuation Office

— Office of the Commission for Public Service Appointments

— Public Appointments Service

— Office of the Ombudsman

— Chief State Solicitor’s Office

— Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform

— Courts Service

— Prisons Service

— Office of the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests

— Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government

— Department of Education and Science

— Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources

— Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

— Department of Transport

— Department of Health and Children

— Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment

— Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism

— Department of Defence

— Department of Foreign Affairs

— Department of Social and Family Affairs

— Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht — [Gaelic - speaking regions] Affairs

— Arts Council

— National Gallery.


— Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών·

— Υπουργείο Εξωτερικών·

— Υπουργείο Οικονομίας και Οικονομικών·

— Υπουργείο Ανάπτυξης·

— Υπουργείο Δικαιοσύνης·

— Υπουργείο Εθνικής Παιδείας και Θρησκευμάτων·

— Υπουργείο Πολιτισμού·

— Υπουργείο Υγείας και Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης·

— Υπουργείο Περιβάλλοντος, Χωροταξίας και Δημοσίων Έργων·

— Υπουργείο Απασχόλησης και Κοινωνικής Προστασίας·

— Υπουργείο Μεταφορών και Επικοινωνιών·

— Υπουργείο Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης και Τροφίμων·

— Υπουργείο Εμπορικής Ναυτιλίας, Αιγαίου και Νησιωτικής Πολιτικής·

— Υπουργείο Μακεδονίας-Θράκης·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Επικοινωνίας·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Ενημέρωσης·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Νέας Γενιάς·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Ισότητας·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Απόδημου Ελληνισμού·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Βιομηχανίας·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Έρευνας και Τεχνολογίας·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Αθλητισμού·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Δημοσίων Έργων·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Εθνικής Στατιστικής Υπηρεσίας Ελλάδος·

— Εθνικό Συμβούλιο Κοινωνικής Φροντίδας·

— Οργανισμός Εργατικής Κατοικίας·

— Εθνικό Τυπογραφείο·

— Γενικό Χημείο του Κράτους·

— Ταμείο Εθνικής Οδοποιίας·

— Εθνικό Καποδιστριακό Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών·

— Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης·

— Δημοκρίτειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θράκης·

— Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου·

— Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων·

— Πανεπιστήμιο Πατρών·

— Πανεπιστήμιο Μακεδονίας·

— Πολυτεχνείο Κρήτης·

— Σιβιτανίδειος Δημόσια Σχολή Τεχνών και Επαγγελμάτων·

— Αιγινήτειο Νοσοκομείο·

— Αρεταίειο Νοσοκομείο·

— Εθνικό Κέντρο Δημόσιας Διοίκησης·

— Οργανισμός Διαχείρισης Δημοσίου Υλικού·

— Οργανισμός Γεωργικών Ασφαλίσεων·

— Οργανισμός Σχολικών Κτιρίων·

— Γενικό Επιτελείο Στρατού·

— Γενικό Επιτελείο Ναυτικού·

— Γενικό Επιτελείο Αεροπορίας·

— Ελληνική Επιτροπή Ατομικής Ενέργειας·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Εκπαίδευσης Ενηλίκων·

— Υπουργείο Εθνικής Άμυνας·

— Γενική Γραμματεία Εμπορίου.


— Presidencia del Gobierno

— Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación

— Ministerio de Justicia

— Ministerio de Defensa

— Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda

— Ministerio del Interior

— Ministerio de Fomento

— Ministerio de Educación, Política Social y Deportes

— Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio

— Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración

— Ministerio de la Presidencia

— Ministerio de Administraciones Públicas

— Ministerio de Cultura

— Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo

— Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino

— Ministerio de Vivienda

— Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

— Ministerio de Igualdad


(1) Ministries

— Services du Premier ministre

— Ministère chargé de la santé, de la jeunesse et des sports

— Ministère chargé de l’intérieur, de l’outre-mer et des collectivités territoriales

— Ministère chargé de la justice

— Ministère chargé de la défense

— Ministère chargé des affaires étrangères et européennes

— Ministère chargé de l’éducation nationale

— Ministère chargé de l’économie, des finances et de l’emploi

— Secrétariat d'État aux transports

— Secrétariat d'État aux entreprises et au commerce extérieur

— Ministère chargé du travail, des relations sociales et de la solidarité

— Ministère chargé de la culture et de la communication

— Ministère chargé du budget, des comptes publics et de la fonction publique

— Ministère chargé de l’agriculture et de la pêche

— Ministère chargé de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche

— Ministère chargé de l’écologie, du développement et de l’aménagement durables

— Secrétariat d'État à la fonction publique

— Ministère chargé du logement et de la ville

— Secrétariat d'État à la coopération et à la francophonie

— Secrétariat d'État à l’outre-mer

— Secrétariat d'État à la jeunesse, des sports et de la vie associative

— Secrétariat d'État aux anciens combattants

— Ministère chargé de l’immigration, de l’intégration, de l’identité nationale et du co-développement

— Secrétariat d'État en charge de la prospective et de l’évaluation des politiques publiques

— Secrétariat d'État aux affaires européennes

— Secrétariat d'État aux affaires étrangères et aux droits de l’homme

— Secrétariat d'État à la consommation et au tourisme

— Secrétariat d’Etat à la politique de la ville

— Secrétariat d'État à la solidarité

— Secrétariat d'État en charge de l’industrie et de la consommation

— Secrétariat d'État en charge de l’emploi

— Secrétariat d'État en charge du commerce, de l’artisanat, des PME, du tourisme et des services

— Secrétariat d'État en charge de l’écologie

— Secrétariat d'État en charge du développement de la région-capitale

— Secrétariat d'État en charge de l’aménagement du territoire

(2) Institutions, independent authorities and jurisdictions

— Présidence de la République

— Assemblée nationale

— Sénat

— Conseil constitutionnel

— Conseil économique et social

— Conseil supérieur de la magistrature

— Agence française contre le dopage

— Autorité de contrôle des assurances et des mutuelles

— Autorité de contrôle des nuisances sonores aéroportuaires

— Autorité de régulation des communications électroniques et des postes

— Autorité de sûreté nucléaire

— Autorité indépendante des marchés financiers

— Comité national d’évaluation des établissements publics à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel

— Commission d’accès aux documents administratifs

— Commission consultative du secret de la défense nationale

— Commission nationale des comptes de campagne et des financements politiques

— Commission nationale de contrôle des interceptions de sécurité

— Commission nationale de déontologie de la sécurité

— Commission nationale du débat public

— Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés

— Commission des participations et des transferts

— Commission de régulation de l’énergie

— Commission de la sécurité des consommateurs

— Commission des sondages

— Commission de la transparence financière de la vie politique

— Conseil de la concurrence

— Conseil des ventes volontaires de meubles aux enchères publiques

— Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel

— Défenseur des enfants

— Haute autorité de lutte contre les discriminations et pour l’égalité

— Haute autorité de santé

— Médiateur de la République

— Cour de justice de la République

— Tribunal des Conflits

— Conseil d'État

— Cours administratives d’appel

— Tribunaux administratifs

— Cour des Comptes

— Chambres régionales des Comptes

— Cours et tribunaux de l’ordre judiciaire (Cour de Cassation, Cours d’Appel, Tribunaux d’instance et Tribunaux de grande instance)

(3) National public establishments

— Académie de France à Rome

— Académie de marine

— Académie des sciences d’outre-mer

— Académie des technologies

— Agence centrale des organismes de sécurité sociale (ACOSS)

— Agence de biomédicine

— Agence pour l’enseignement du français à l’étranger

— Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des aliments

— Agence française de sécurité sanitaire de l’environnement et du travail

— Agence nationale pour la cohésion sociale et l’égalité des chances

— Agence nationale pour la garantie des droits des mineurs

— Agences de l’eau

— Agence nationale de l’Accueil des Etrangers et des migrations

— Agence nationale pour l’amélioration des conditions de travail (ANACT)

— Agence nationale pour l’amélioration de l’habitat (ANAH)

— Agence nationale pour la Cohésion Sociale et l’Egalité des Chances

— Agence nationale pour l’indemnisation des français d’outre-mer (ANIFOM)

— Assemblée permanente des chambres d’agriculture (APCA)

— Bibliothèque publique d’information

— Bibliothèque nationale de France

— Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg

— Caisse des dépôts et consignations

— Caisse nationale des autoroutes (CNA)

— Caisse nationale militaire de sécurité sociale (CNMSS)

— Caisse de garantie du logement locatif social

— Casa de Velasquez

— Centre d’enseignement zootechnique

— Centre d’études de l’emploi

— Centre d’études supérieures de la sécurité sociale

— Centres de formation professionnelle et de promotion agricole

— Centre hospitalier des Quinze-Vingts

— Centre international d’études supérieures en sciences agronomiques (Montpellier Sup Agro)

— Centre des liaisons européennes et internationales de sécurité sociale

— Centre des monuments nationaux

— Centre national d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou

— Centre national des arts plastiques

— Centre national de la cinématographie

— Centre national d'études et d’expérimentation du machinisme agricole, du génie rural, des eaux et des forêts (CEMAGREF)

— Centre national du livre

— Centre national de documentation pédagogique

— Centre national des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires (CNOUS)

— Centre national professionnel de la propriété forestière

— Centre national de la recherche scientifique (C.N.R.S)

— Centres d’éducation populaire et de sport (CREPS)

— Centres régionaux des oeuvres universitaires (CROUS)

— Collège de France

— Conservatoire de l’espace littoral et des rivages lacustres

— Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

— Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

— Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon

— Conservatoire national supérieur d’art dramatique

— École centrale de Lille

— École centrale de Lyon

— École centrale des arts et manufactures

— École française d’archéologie d’Athènes

— École française d’Extrême-Orient

— École française de Rome

— École des hautes études en sciences sociales

— École du Louvre

— École nationale d’administration

— École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC)

— École nationale des Chartes

— École nationale d’équitation

— École nationale du génie de l’eau et de l’environnement de Strasbourg

— Écoles nationales d’ingénieurs

— École nationale d’ingénieurs des industries des techniques agricoles et alimentaires de Nantes

— Écoles nationales d’ingénieurs des travaux agricoles

— École nationale de la magistrature

— Écoles nationales de la marine marchande

— École nationale de la santé publique (ENSP)

— École nationale de ski et d’alpinisme

— École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs

— École nationale supérieure des arts et techniques du théâtre

— École nationale supérieure des arts et industries textiles Roubaix

— Écoles nationales supérieures d’arts et métiers

— École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts

— École nationale supérieure de céramique industrielle

— École nationale supérieure de l’électronique et de ses applications (ENSEA)

— École nationale supérieure du paysage de Versailles

— École nationale supérieure des Sciences de l’information et des bibliothécaires

— École nationale supérieure de la sécurité sociale

— Écoles nationales vétérinaires

— École nationale de voile

— Écoles normales supérieures

— École polytechnique

— École technique professionnelle agricole et forestière de Meymac (Corrèze)

— École de sylviculture Crogny (Aube)

— École de viticulture et d’oenologie de la Tour-Blanche (Gironde)

— École de viticulture — Avize (Marne)

— Établissement national d’enseignement agronomique de Dijon

— Établissement national des invalides de la marine (ENIM)

— Établissement national de bienfaisance Koenigswarter

— Établissement public du musée et du domaine national de Versailles

— Fondation Carnegie

— Fondation Singer-Polignac

— Haras nationaux

— Hôpital national de Saint-Maurice

— Institut des hautes études pour la science et la technologie

— Institut français d’archéologie orientale du Caire

— Institut géographique national

— Institut National de l’origine et de la qualité

— Institut national des hautes études de sécurité

— Institut de veille sanitaire

— Institut National d’enseignement supérieur et de recherche agronomique et agroalimentaire de Rennes

— Institut national d'études Démographiques (I.N.E.D)

— Institut National d’Horticulture

— Institut National de la jeunesse et de l’éducation populaire

— Institut national des jeunes aveugles — Paris

— Institut national des jeunes sourds — Bordeaux

— Institut national des jeunes sourds — Chambéry

— Institut national des jeunes sourds — Metz

— Institut national des jeunes sourds — Paris

— Institut national de physique nucléaire et de physique des particules (I.N.P.N.P.P)

— Institut national de la propriété industrielle

— Institut national de la recherche agronomique (I.N.R.A)

— Institut national de la recherche pédagogique (I.N.R.P)

— Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (I.N.S.E.R.M)

— Institut national d’histoire de l’art (I.N.H.A.)

— Institut national de recherches archéologiques préventives

— Institut national des sciences de l’univers

— Institut national des sports et de l’education physique

— Institut national supérieur de formation et de recherche pour l’éducation des jeunes handicapés et les enseignements inadaptés

— Instituts nationaux polytechniques

— Instituts nationaux des sciences appliquées

— Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (INRIA)

— Institut national de recherche sur les transports et leur sécurité (INRETS)

— Institut de recherche pour le développement

— Instituts régionaux d’administration

— Institut des sciences et des Industries du vivant et de l’environnement (Agro Paris Tech)

— Institut supérieur de mécanique de Paris

— Instituts Universitaires de Formation des Maîtres

— Musée de l’armée

— Musée Gustave-Moreau

— Musée national de la marine

— Musée national J.-J.-Henner

— Musée du Louvre

— Musée du Quai Branly

— Muséum national d’histoire naturelle

— Musée Auguste-Rodin

— Observatoire de Paris

— Office français de protection des réfugiés et apatrides

— Office national des anciens combattants et des victimes de guerre (ONAC)

— Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage

— Office National de l’eau et des milieux aquatiques

— Office national d’information sur les enseignements et les professions (ONISEP)

— Office universitaire et culturel français pour l’Algérie

— Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur

— Palais de la découverte

— Parcs nationaux

— Universités

(4) Other national public body

— Union des groupements d’achats publics (UGAP)

— Agence nationale pour l’emploi (A.N.P.E)

— Caisse nationale des allocations familiales (CNAF)

— Caisse nationale d’assurance maladie des travailleurs salariés (CNAMS)

— Caisse nationale d’assurance-vieillesse des travailleurs salariés (CNAVTS)


Hrvatski sabor;

Predsjednik Republike Hrvatske

Ured Predsjednika Republike Hrvatske

Ured Predsjednika Republike po prestanku obnašanja dužnosti

Vlada Republike Hrvatske

Uredi Vlade Republike Hrvatske;

Ministarstvo gospodarstva

Ministarstvo regionalnoga razvoja i fondova Europske unije

Ministarstvo financija

Ministarstvo obrane

Ministarstvo vanjskih i europskih poslova

Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova

Ministarstvo pravosuđa

Ministarstvo uprave

Ministarstvo poduzetništva i obrta

Ministarstvo rada i mirovinskoga sustava

Ministarstvo pomorstva, prometa i infrastrukture

Ministarstvo poljoprivrede

Ministarstvo turizma

Ministarstvo zaštite okoliša i prirode

Ministarstvo graditeljstva i prostornoga uređenja

Ministarstvo branitelja

Ministarstvo socijalne politike i mladih

Ministarstvo zdravlja

Ministarstvo znanosti, obrazovanja i sporta

Ministarstvo kulture

Tijela državne uprave

Tijela županijske uprave 

Ustavni sud Republike Hrvatske

Vrhovni sud Republike Hrvatske


Državno sudbeno vijeće

Državno odvjetništvo

Državnoodvjetničko vijeće

Uredi pravobranitelja

Državna komisija za kontrolu postupaka javne nabave

Hrvatska narodna banka

Državne agencije i uredi

Državni ured za reviziju


(1) Purchasing bodies

— Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri

— Ministero degli Affari Esteri

— Ministero dell’Interno

— Ministero della Giustizia e Uffici giudiziari (esclusi i giudici di pace)

— Ministero della Difesa

— Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze

— Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

— Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali

— Ministero dell’Ambiente - Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

— Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti

— Ministero del Lavoro, della Salute e delle Politiche Sociali

— Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca

— Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali, comprensivo delle sue articolazioni periferiche

(2) Other national public bodies:

— CONSIP (Concessionaria Servizi Informatici Pubblici)


— Προεδρία και Προεδρικό Μέγαρο

— Γραφείο Συντονιστή Εναρμόνισης

— Υπουργικό Συμβούλιο

— Βουλή των Αντιπροσώπων

— Δικαστική Υπηρεσία

— Νομική Υπηρεσία της Δημοκρατίας

— Ελεγκτική Υπηρεσία της Δημοκρατίας

— Επιτροπή Δημόσιας Υπηρεσίας

— Επιτροπή Εκπαιδευτικής Υπηρεσίας

— Γραφείο Επιτρόπου Διοικήσεως

— Επιτροπή Προστασίας Ανταγωνισμού

— Υπηρεσία Εσωτερικού Ελέγχου

— Γραφείο Προγραμματισμού

— Γενικό Λογιστήριο της Δημοκρατίας

— Γραφείο Επιτρόπου Προστασίας Δεδομένων Προσωπικού Χαρακτήρα

— Γραφείο Εφόρου Δημοσίων Ενισχύσεων

— Αναθεωρητική Αρχή Προσφορών

— Υπηρεσία Εποπτείας και Ανάπτυξης Συνεργατικών Εταιρειών

— Αναθεωρητική Αρχή Προσφύγων

— Υπουργείο Άμυνας

— Υπουργείο Γεωργίας, Φυσικών Πόρων και Περιβάλλοντος

— Τμήμα Γεωργίας

— Κτηνιατρικές Υπηρεσίες

— Τμήμα Δασών

— Τμήμα Αναπτύξεως Υδάτων

— Τμήμα Γεωλογικής Επισκόπησης

— Μετεωρολογική Υπηρεσία

— Τμήμα Αναδασμού

— Υπηρεσία Μεταλλείων

— Ινστιτούτο Γεωργικών Ερευνών

— Τμήμα Αλιείας και Θαλάσσιων Ερευνών

— Υπουργείο Δικαιοσύνης και Δημοσίας Τάξεως

— Αστυνομία

— Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία Κύπρου

— Τμήμα Φυλακών

— Υπουργείο Εμπορίου, Βιομηχανίας και Τουρισμού

— Τμήμα Εφόρου Εταιρειών και Επίσημου Παραλήπτη

— Υπουργείο Εργασίας και Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων

— Τμήμα Εργασίας

— Τμήμα Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων

— Τμήμα Υπηρεσιών Κοινωνικής Ευημερίας

— Κέντρο Παραγωγικότητας Κύπρου

— Ανώτερο Ξενοδοχειακό Ινστιτούτο Κύπρου

— Ανώτερο Τεχνολογικό Ινστιτούτο

— Τμήμα Επιθεώρησης Εργασίας

— Τμήμα Εργασιακών Σχέσεων

— Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών

— Επαρχιακές Διοικήσεις

— Τμήμα Πολεοδομίας και Οικήσεως

— Τμήμα Αρχείου Πληθυσμού και Μεταναστεύσεως

— Τμήμα Κτηματολογίου και Χωρομετρίας

— Γραφείο Τύπου και Πληροφοριών

— Πολιτική Άμυνα

— Υπηρεσία Μέριμνας και Αποκαταστάσεων Εκτοπισθέντων

— Υπηρεσία Ασύλου

— Υπουργείο Εξωτερικών

— Υπουργείο Οικονομικών

— Τελωνεία

— Τμήμα Εσωτερικών Προσόδων

— Στατιστική Υπηρεσία

— Τμήμα Κρατικών Αγορών και Προμηθειών

— Τμήμα Δημόσιας Διοίκησης και Προσωπικού

— Κυβερνητικό Τυπογραφείο

— Τμήμα Υπηρεσιών Πληροφορικής

— Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού

— Υπουργείο Συγκοινωνιών και Έργων

— Τμήμα Δημοσίων Έργων

— Τμήμα Αρχαιοτήτων

— Τμήμα Πολιτικής Αεροπορίας

— Τμήμα Εμπορικής Ναυτιλίας

— Τμήμα Οδικών Μεταφορών

— Τμήμα Ηλεκτρομηχανολογικών Υπηρεσιών

— Τμήμα Ηλεκτρονικών Επικοινωνιών

— Υπουργείο Υγείας

— Φαρμακευτικές Υπηρεσίες

— Γενικό Χημείο

— Ιατρικές Υπηρεσίες και Υπηρεσίες Δημόσιας Υγείας

— Οδοντιατρικές Υπηρεσίες

— Υπηρεσίες Ψυχικής Υγείας


(a) Ministries, secretariats of ministers for special assignments, and their subordinate institutions

— Aizsardzības ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Ārlietu ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Bērnu un ģimenes lietu ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Ekonomikas ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Finanšu ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Iekšlietu ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Izglītības un zinātnes ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Kultūras ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Labklājības ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Reģionālās attīstības un pašvaldības lietu ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Satiksmes ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Tieslietu ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Veselības ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Vides ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Zemkopības ministrija un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Īpašu uzdevumu ministra sekretariāti un to padotībā esošās iestādes

— Satversmes aizsardzības birojs

(b) Other state institution

— Augstākā tiesa

— Centrālā vēlēšanu komisija

— Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija

— Latvijas Banka

— Prokuratūra un tās pārraudzībā esošās iestādes

— Saeimas kanceleja un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Satversmes tiesa

— Valsts kanceleja un tās padotībā esošās iestādes

— Valsts kontrole

— Valsts prezidenta kanceleja

— Tiesībsarga birojs

— Nacionālā radio un televīzijas padome

— Citas valsts iestādes, kuras nav ministriju padotībā (Other state institutions not subordinate to ministries)


— Prezidentūros kanceliarija

— Seimo kanceliarija

— Institutions accountable to the Seimas [Parliament]:

— Lietuvos mokslo taryba;

— Seimo kontrolierių įstaiga;

— Valstybės kontrolė;

— Specialiųjų tyrimų tarnyba;

— Valstybės saugumo departamentas;

— Konkurencijos taryba;

— Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras;

— Vertybinių popierių komisija;

— Ryšių reguliavimo tarnyba;

— Nacionalinė sveikatos taryba;

— Etninės kultūros globos taryba;

— Lygių galimybių kontrolieriaus tarnyba;

— Valstybinė kultūros paveldo komisija;

— Vaiko teisių apsaugos kontrolieriaus įstaiga;

— Valstybinė kainų ir energetikos kontrolės komisija;

— Valstybinė lietuvių kalbos komisija;

— Vyriausioji rinkimų komisija;

— Vyriausioji tarnybinės etikos komisija;

— Žurnalistų etikos inspektoriaus tarnyba

— Vyriausybės kanceliarija

— Institutions accountable to the Vyriausybės [Government]:

— Ginklų fondas;

— Informacinės visuomenės plėtros komitetas;

— Kūno kultūros ir sporto departamentas;

— Lietuvos archyvų departamentas;

— Mokestinių ginčų komisija;

— Statistikos departamentas;

— Tautinių mažumų ir išeivijos departamentas;

— Valstybinė tabako ir alkoholio kontrolės tarnyba;

— Viešųjų pirkimų tarnyba;

— Narkotikų kontrolės departamentas;

— Valstybinė atominės energetikos saugos inspekcija;

— Valstybinė duomenų apsaugos inspekcija;

— Valstybinė lošimų priežiūros komisija;

— Valstybinė maisto ir veterinarijos tarnyba;

— Vyriausioji administracinių ginčų komisija;

— Draudimo priežiūros komisija;

— Lietuvos valstybinis mokslo ir studijų fondas;

— Lietuvių grįžimo į Tėvynę informacijos centras

— Konstitucinis Teismas

— Lietuvos bankas

— Aplinkos ministerija

— Institutions under the Aplinkos ministerija [Ministry of Environment]:

— Generalinė miškų urėdija;

— Lietuvos geologijos tarnyba;

— Lietuvos hidrometeorologijos tarnyba;

— Lietuvos standartizacijos departamentas;

— Nacionalinis akreditacijos biuras;

— Valstybinė metrologijos tarnyba;

— Valstybinė saugomų teritorijų tarnyba;

— Valstybinė teritorijų planavimo ir statybos inspekcija

— Finansų ministerija

— Institutions under the Finansų ministerija [Ministry of Finance]:

— Muitinės departamentas;

— Valstybės dokumentų technologinės apsaugos tarnyba;

— Valstybinė mokesčių inspekcija;

— Finansų ministerijos mokymo centras

— Krašto apsaugos ministerija

— Institutions under the Krašto apsaugos ministerijos [Ministry of National Defence]:

— Antrasis operatyvinių tarnybų departamentas;

— Centralizuota finansų ir turto tarnyba;

— Karo prievolės administravimo tarnyba;

— Krašto apsaugos archyvas;

— Krizių valdymo centras;

— Mobilizacijos departamentas;

— Ryšių ir informacinių sistemų tarnyba;

— Infrastruktūros plėtros departamentas;

— Valstybinis pilietinio pasipriešinimo rengimo centras

— Lietuvos kariuomenė

— Krašto apsaugos sistemos kariniai vienetai ir tarnybos

— Kultūros ministerija

— Institutions under the Kultūros ministerijos [Ministry of Culture]:

— Kultūros paveldo departamentas;

— Valstybinė kalbos inspekcija

— Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija

— Institutions under the Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerijos [Ministry of Social Security and Labour]:

— Garantinio fondo administracija;

— Valstybės vaiko teisių apsaugos ir įvaikinimo tarnyba;

— Lietuvos darbo birža;

— Lietuvos darbo rinkos mokymo tarnyba;

— Trišalės tarybos sekretoriatas;

— Socialinių paslaugų priežiūros departamentas;

— Darbo inspekcija;

— Valstybinio socialinio draudimo fondo valdyba;

— Neįgalumo ir darbingumo nustatymo tarnyba;

— Ginčų komisija;

— Techninės pagalbos neįgaliesiems centras;

— Neįgaliųjų reikalų departamentas

— Susisiekimo ministerija

— Institutions under the Susisiekimo ministerijos [Ministry of Transport and Communications]:

— Lietuvos automobilių kelių direkcija;

— Valstybinė geležinkelio inspekcija;

— Valstybinė kelių transporto inspekcija;

— Pasienio kontrolės punktų direkcija

— Sveikatos apsaugos ministerija

— Institutions under the Sveikatos apsaugos ministerijos [Ministry of Health]:

— Valstybinė akreditavimo sveikatos priežiūros veiklai tarnyba;

— Valstybinė ligonių kasa;

— Valstybinė medicininio audito inspekcija;

— Valstybinė vaistų kontrolės tarnyba;

— Valstybinė teismo psichiatrijos ir narkologijos tarnyba;

— Valstybinė visuomenės sveikatos priežiūros tarnyba;

— Farmacijos departamentas;

— Sveikatos apsaugos ministerijos Ekstremalių sveikatai situacijų centras;

— Lietuvos bioetikos komitetas;

— Radiacinės saugos centras

— Švietimo ir mokslo ministerija

— Institutions under the Švietimo ir mokslo ministerijos [Ministry of Education and Science]:

— Nacionalinis egzaminų centras;

— Studijų kokybės vertinimo centras

— Teisingumo ministerija

— Institutions under the Teisingumo ministerijos [Ministry of Justice]:

— Kalėjimų departamentas;

— Nacionalinė vartotojų teisių apsaugos taryba;

— Europos teisės departamentas

— Ūkio ministerija

— Prie Ūkio ministerijos įsteigtos įstaigos [Ministry of Economy]:

— Įmonių bankroto valdymo departamentas;

— Valstybinė energetikos inspekcija;

— Valstybinė ne maisto produktų inspekcija;

— Valstybinis turizmo departamentas

— Užsienio reikalų ministerija

— Diplomatinės atstovybės ir konsulinės įstaigos užsienyje bei atstovybės prie tarptautinių organizacijų

— Vidaus reikalų ministerija

— Institutions under the Vidaus reikalų ministerijos [Ministry of the Interior]:

— Asmens dokumentų išrašymo centras;

— Finansinių nusikaltimų tyrimo tarnyba;

— Gyventojų registro tarnyba;

— Policijos departamentas;

— Priešgaisrinės apsaugos ir gelbėjimo departamentas;

— Turto valdymo ir ūkio departamentas;

— Vadovybės apsaugos departamentas;

— Valstybės sienos apsaugos tarnyba;

— Valstybės tarnybos departamentas;

— Informatikos ir ryšių departamentas;

— Migracijos departamentas;

— Sveikatos priežiūros tarnyba;

— Bendrasis pagalbos centras

— Žemės ūkio ministerija

— Institutions under the Žemės ūkio ministerijos [Ministry of Agriculture]:

— Nacionalinė mokėjimo agentūra;

— Nacionalinė žemės tarnyba;

— Valstybinė augalų apsaugos tarnyba;

— Valstybinė gyvulių veislininkystės priežiūros tarnyba;

— Valstybinė sėklų ir grūdų tarnyba;

— Žuvininkystės departamentas

— Teismai [Courts]:

— Lietuvos Aukščiausiasis Teismas;

— Lietuvos apeliacinis teismas;

— Lietuvos vyriausiasis administracinis teismas;

— apygardų teismai;

— apygardų administraciniai teismai;

— apylinkių teismai;

— Nacionalinė teismų administracija

— Generalinė prokuratūra

— Other Central Public Administration Entities (institucijos [institutions], įstaigos [establishments], tarnybos [agencies]):

— Aplinkos apsaugos agentūra;

— Valstybinė aplinkos apsaugos inspekcija;

— Aplinkos projektų valdymo agentūra;

— Miško genetinių išteklių, sėklų ir sodmenų tarnyba;

— Miško sanitarinės apsaugos tarnyba;

— Valstybinė miškotvarkos tarnyba;

— Nacionalinis visuomenės sveikatos tyrimų centras;

— Lietuvos AIDS centras;

— Nacionalinis organų transplantacijos biuras;

— Valstybinis patologijos centras;

— Valstybinis psichikos sveikatos centras;

— Lietuvos sveikatos informacijos centras;

— Slaugos darbuotojų tobulinimosi ir specializacijos centras;

— Valstybinis aplinkos sveikatos centras;

— Respublikinis mitybos centras;

— Užkrečiamųjų ligų profilaktikos ir kontrolės centras;

— Trakų visuomenės sveikatos priežiūros ir specialistų tobulinimosi centras;

— Visuomenės sveikatos ugdymo centras;

— Muitinės kriminalinė tarnyba;

— Muitinės informacinių sistemų centras;

— Muitinės laboratorija;

— Muitinės mokymo centras;

— Valstybinis patentų biuras;

— Lietuvos teismo ekspertizės centras;

— Centrinė hipotekos įstaiga;

— Lietuvos metrologijos inspekcija;

— Civilinės aviacijos administracija;

— Lietuvos saugios laivybos administracija;

— Transporto investicijų direkcija;

— Valstybinė vidaus vandenų laivybos inspekcija;

— Pabėgėlių priėmimo centras


— Ministère d'État

— Ministère des affaires étrangères et de l’immigration

— Ministère de l’agriculture, de la viticulture et du développement rural

— Ministère des classes moyennes, du tourisme et du logement

— Ministère de la culture, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche

— Ministère de l'économie et du commerce extérieur

— Ministère de l'éducation nationale et de la formation professionnelle

— Ministère de l'égalité des chances

— Ministère de l’environnement

— Ministère de la famille et de l’intégration

— Ministère des finances

— Ministère de la fonction publique et de la réforme administrative

— Ministère de l’Intérieur et de l’aménagement du territoire

— Ministère de la justice

— Ministère de la santé

— Ministère de la sécurité sociale

— Ministère des transports

— Ministère du travail et de l’emploi

— Ministère des travaux publics


— Egészségügyi Minisztérium

— Földművelésügyi és Vidékfejlesztési Minisztérium

— Gazdasági és Közlekedési Minisztérium

— Honvédelmi Minisztérium

— Igazságügyi és Rendészeti Minisztérium

— Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Minisztérium

— Külügyminisztérium

— Miniszterelnöki Hivatal

— Oktatási és Kulturális Minisztérium

— Önkormányzati és Területfejlesztési Minisztérium

— Pénzügyminisztérium

— Szociális és Munkaügyi Minisztérium

— Központi Szolgáltatási Főigazgatóság


— Uffiċċju tal-Prim Ministru (Office of the Prime Minister)

— Ministeru għall-Familja u Solidarjetà Soċjali (Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity)

— Ministeru tal-Edukazzjoni Zgħazagħ u Impjiegi (Ministry for Education Youth and Employment)

— Ministeru tal-Finanzi (Ministry of Finance)

— Ministeru tar-Riżorsi u l-Infrastruttura (Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure)

— Ministeru tat-Turiżmu u Kultura (Ministry for Tourism and Culture)

— Ministeru tal-Ġustizzja u l-Intern (Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs)

— Ministeru għall-Affarijiet Rurali u l-Ambjent (Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment)

— Ministeru għal Għawdex (Ministry for Gozo)

— Ministeru tas-Saħħa, l-Anzjani u Kura fil-Kommunità (Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care)

— Ministeru tal-Affarijiet Barranin (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

— Ministeru għall-Investimenti, Industrija u Teknologija ta' Informazzjoni (Ministry for Investment, Industry and Information Technology)

— Ministeru għall-Kompetittivà u Komunikazzjoni (Ministry for Competitiveness and Communications)

— Ministeru għall-Iżvilupp Urban u Toroq (Ministry for Urban Development and Roads)


— Ministerie van Algemene Zaken

— Bestuursdepartement

— Bureau van de Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid

— Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst

— Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties

— Bestuursdepartement

— Centrale Archiefselectiedienst (CAS)

— Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD)

— Agentschap Basisadministratie Persoonsgegevens en Reisdocumenten (BPR)

— Agentschap Korps Landelijke Politiediensten

— Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

— Directoraat-generaal Regiobeleid en Consulaire Zaken (DGRC)

— Directoraat-generaal Politieke Zaken (DGPZ)

— Directoraat-generaal Internationale Samenwerking (DGIS)

— Directoraat-generaal Europese Samenwerking (DGES)

— Centrum tot Bevordering van de Import uit Ontwikkelingslanden (CBI)

— Centrale diensten ressorterend onder de secretaris-generaal en de plaatsvervangend secretaris-generaal (S/PlvS) (Support services falling under the Secretary-general and Deputy Secretary-general)

— Buitenlandse Posten (ieder afzonderlijk)

— Ministerie van Defensie — (Ministry of Defence)

— Bestuursdepartement

— Commando Diensten Centra (CDC)

— Defensie Telematica Organisatie (DTO)

— Centrale directie van de Defensie Vastgoed Dienst

— De afzonderlijke regionale directies van de Defensie Vastgoed Dienst

— Defensie Materieel Organisatie (DMO)

— Landelijk Bevoorradingsbedrijf van de Defensie Materieel Organisatie

— Logistiek Centrum van de Defensie Materieel Organisatie

— Marinebedrijf van de Defensie Materieel Organisatie

— Defensie Pijpleiding Organisatie (DPO)

— Ministerie van Economische Zaken

— Bestuursdepartement

— Centraal Planbureau (CPB)

— SenterNovem

— Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen (SodM)

— Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit (NMa)

— Economische Voorlichtingsdienst (EVD)

— Agentschap Telecom

— Kenniscentrum Professioneel & Innovatief Aanbesteden, Netwerk voor Overheidsopdrachtgevers (PIANOo)

— Regiebureau Inkoop Rijksoverheid

— Octrooicentrum Nederland

— Consumentenautoriteit

— Ministerie van Financiën

— Bestuursdepartement

— Belastingdienst Automatiseringscentrum

— Belastingdienst

— de afzonderlijke Directies der Rijksbelastingen (the various Divisions of the Tax and Customs Administration throughout the Netherlands)

— Fiscale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst (incl. Economische Controle Dienst (ECD))

— Belastingdienst Opleidingen

— Dienst der Domeinen

— Ministerie van Justitie

— Bestuursdepartement

— Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen

— Raad voor de Kinderbescherming

— Openbaar Ministerie

— Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst

— Nederlands Forensisch Instituut

— Dienst Terugkeer & Vertrek

— Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuur en Voedselkwaliteit

— Bestuursdepartement

— Dienst Regelingen (DR)

— Agentschap Plantenziektekundige Dienst (PD)

— Algemene Inspectiedienst (AID)

— Dienst Landelijk Gebied (DLG)

— Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit (VWA)

— Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschappen

— Bestuursdepartement

— Inspectie van het Onderwijs

— Erfgoedinspectie

— Centrale Financiën Instellingen

— Nationaal Archief

— Adviesraad voor Wetenschaps- en Technologiebeleid

— Onderwijsraad

— Raad voor Cultuur

— Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid

— Bestuursdepartement

— Inspectie Werk en Inkomen

— Agentschap SZW

— Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat

— Bestuursdepartement

— Directoraat-generaal Transport en Luchtvaart

— Directoraat-generaal Personenvervoer

— Directoraat-generaal Water

— Centrale diensten (Central Services)

— Centrale diensten van de Organisatie Verkeer en Watersaat

— Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI)

— Rijkswaterstaat, Bestuur

— de afzonderlijke regionale Diensten van Rijkswaterstaat (Each individual regional service of the Directorate-general of Public Works and Water Management)

— de afzonderlijke specialistische diensten van Rijkswaterstaat (Each individual specialist service of the Directorate- general of Public Works and Water Management)

— Adviesdienst Geo-Informatie en ICT

— Adviesdienst Verkeer en Vervoer (AVV)

— Bouwdienst

— Corporate Dienst

— Data ICT Dienst

— Dienst Verkeer en Scheepvaart

— Dienst Weg- en Waterbouwkunde (DWW)— Centraal Justitie Incasso Bureau

— Rijksinstituut voor Kunst en Zee (RIKZ)

— Rijksinstituut voor Integraal Zoetwaterbeheer en Afvalwaterbehandeling (RIZA)

— Waterdienst

— Inspectie Verkeer en Waterstaat, Hoofddirectie

— Port state Control

— Directie Toezichtontwikkeling Communicatie en Onderzoek (TCO)

— Toezichthouder Beheer Eenheid Lucht

— Toezichthouder Beheer Eenheid Water

— Toezichthouder Beheer Eenheid Land

— Ministerie van Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer

— Bestuursdepartement

— Directoraat-generaal Wonen, Wijken en Integratie

— Directoraat-generaal Ruimte

— Directoraat-general Milieubeheer

— Rijksgebouwendienst

— VROM Inspectie

— Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport

— Bestuursdepartement

— Inspectie Gezondheidsbescherming, Waren en Veterinaire Zaken

— Inspectie Gezondheidszorg

— Inspectie Jeugdhulpverlening en Jeugdbescherming

— Rijksinstituut voor de Volksgezondheid en Milieu (RIVM)

— Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau

— Agentschap t.b.v. het College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen

— Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal

— Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal

— Raad van State

— Algemene Rekenkamer

— Nationale Ombudsman

— Kanselarij der Nederlandse Orden

— Kabinet der Koningin

— Raad voor de rechtspraak en de Rechtbanken


— Bundeskanzleramt

— Bundesministerium für europäische und internationale Angelegenheiten

— Bundesministerium für Finanzen

— Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

— Bundesministerium für Inneres

— Bundesministerium für Justiz

— Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport

— Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft

— Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales und Konsumentenschutz

— Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur

— Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie

— Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend

— Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung

— Österreichische Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal Gesellschaft mbH

— Bundesbeschaffung GmbH

— Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH


— Kancelaria Prezydenta RP

— Kancelaria Sejmu RP

— Kancelaria Senatu RP

— Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów

— Sąd Najwyższy

— Naczelny Sąd Administracyjny

— Wojewódzkie sądy administracyjne

— Sądy powszechne – rejonowe, okręgowe i apelacyjne

— Trybunał Konstytucyjny

— Najwyższa Izba Kontroli

— Biuro Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich

— Biuro Rzecznika Praw Dziecka

— Biuro Ochrony Rządu

— Biuro Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego

— Centralne Biuro Antykorupcyjne

— Ministerstwo Pracy i Polityki Społecznej

— Ministerstwo Finansów

— Ministerstwo Gospodarki

— Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego

— Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

— Ministerstwo Edukacji Narodowej

— Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej

— Ministerstwo Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi

— Ministerstwo Skarbu Państwa

— Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości

— Ministerstwo Infrastruktury

— Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego

— Ministerstwo Środowiska

— Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji

— Ministerstwo Spraw Zagranicznych

— Ministerstwo Zdrowia

— Ministerstwo Sportu i Turystyki

— Urząd Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej

— Urząd Patentowy Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

— Urząd Regulacji Energetyki

— Urząd do spraw Kombatantów i Osób Represjonowanych

— Urząd Transportu Kolejowego

— Urząd Dozoru Technicznego

— Urząd Rejestracji Produktów Leczniczych, Wyrobów Medycznych i Produktów Biobójczych

— Urząd do spraw Repatriacji i Cudzoziemców

— Urząd Zamówień Publicznych

— Urząd Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów

— Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego

— Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej

— Wyższy Urząd Górniczy

— Główny Urząd Miar

— Główny Urząd Geodezji i Kartografii

— Główny Urząd Nadzoru Budowlanego

— Główny Urząd Statystyczny

— Krajowa Rada Radiofonii i Telewizji

— Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych

— Państwowa Komisja Wyborcza

— Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy

— Rządowe Centrum Legislacji

— Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia

— Polska Akademia Nauk

— Polskie Centrum Akredytacji

— Polskie Centrum Badań i Certyfikacji

— Polska Organizacja Turystyczna

— Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny

— Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych

— Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego

— Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych

— Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Społecznego

— Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad

— Państwowa Inspekcja Ochrony Roślin i Nasiennictwa

— Komenda Główna Państwowej Straży Pożarnej

— Komenda Główna Policji

— Komenda Główna Straży Granicznej

— Inspekcja Jakości Handlowej Artykułów Rolno-Spożywczych

— Główny Inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska

— Główny Inspektorat Transportu Drogowego

— Główny Inspektorat Farmaceutyczny

— Główny Inspektorat Sanitarny

— Główny Inspektorat Weterynarii

— Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego

— Agencja Wywiadu

— Agencja Mienia Wojskowego

— Wojskowa Agencja Mieszkaniowa

— Agencja Restrukturyzacji i Modernizacji Rolnictwa

— Agencja Rynku Rolnego

— Agencja Nieruchomości Rolnych

— Państwowa Agencja Atomistyki

— Polska Agencja Żeglugi Powietrznej

— Polska Agencja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych

— Agencja Rezerw Materiałowych

— Narodowy Bank Polski

— Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej

— Państwowy Fundusz Rehabilitacji Osób Niepełnosprawnych

— Instytut Pamięci Narodowej – Komisja Ścigania Zbrodni Przeciwko Narodowi Polskiemu

— Rada Ochrony Pamięci Walk i Męczeństwa

— Służba Celna Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

— Państwowe Gospodarstwo Leśne „Lasy Państwowe”

— Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości

— Urzędy wojewódzkie

— Samodzielne Publiczne Zakłady Opieki Zdrowotnej, jeśli ich organem założycielskim jest minister, centralny organ administracji rządowej lub wojewoda


— Presidência do Conselho de Ministros

— Ministério das Finanças e da Administração Pública

— Ministério da Defesa Nacional

— Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros

— Ministério da Administração Interna

— Ministério da Justiça

— Ministério da Economia e da Inovação

— Ministério da Agricultura, Desenvolvimento Rural e Pescas

— Ministério da Educação

— Ministério da Ciência, da Tecnologia e do Ensino Superior

— Ministério da Cultura

— Ministério da Saúde

— Ministério do Trabalho e da Solidariedade Social

— Ministério das Obras Públicas, Transportes e Comunicações

— Ministério do Ambiente, do Ordenamento do Território e do Desenvolvimento Regional

— Presidência da República

— Tribunal Constitucional

— Tribunal de Contas

— Provedoria de Justiça


— Administrația Prezidențială

— Senatul României

— Camera Deputaților

— Înalta Curte de Casație și Justiție

— Curtea Constituțională

— Consiliul Legislativ

— Curtea de Conturi

— Consiliul Superior al Magistraturii

— Parchetul de pe lângă Înalta Curte de Casație și Justiție

— Secretariatul General al Guvernului

— Cancelaria prim-ministrului

— Ministerul Afacerilor Externe

— Ministerul Economiei și Finanțelor

— Ministerul Justiției

— Ministerul Apărării

— Ministerul Internelor și Reformei Administrative

— Ministerul Muncii, Familiei și Egalității de Șanse

— Ministerul pentru Întreprinderi Mici și Mijlocii, Comerț, Turism și Profesii Liberale

— Ministerul Agriculturii și Dezvoltării Rurale

— Ministerul Transporturilor

— Ministerul Dezvoltării, Lucrărilor Publice și Locuinței

— Ministerul Educației Cercetării și Tineretului

— Ministerul Sănătății Publice

— Ministerul Culturii și Cultelor

— Ministerul Comunicațiilor și Tehnologiei Informației

— Ministerul Mediului și Dezvoltării Durabile

— Serviciul Român de Informații

— Serviciul de Informații Externe

— Serviciul de Protecție și Pază

— Serviciul de Telecomunicații Speciale

— Consiliul Național al Audiovizualului

— Consiliul Concurenței (CC)

— Direcția Națională Anticorupție

— Inspectoratul General de Poliție

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Reglementarea și Monitorizarea Achizițiilor Publice

— Consiliul Național de Soluționare a Contestațiilor

— Autoritatea Națională de Reglementare pentru Serviciile Comunitare de Utilități Publice (ANRSC)

— Autoritatea Națională Sanitară Veterinară și pentru Siguranța Alimentelor

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Protecția Consumatorilor

— Autoritatea Navală Română

— Autoritatea Feroviară Română

— Autoritatea Rutieră Română

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Protecția Drepturilor Copilului

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Persoanele cu Handicap

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Turism

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Restituirea Proprietăților

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Tineret

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Cercetare Științifică

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Reglementare în Comunicații și Tehnologia Informației

— Autoritatea Națională pentru Serviciile Societății Informaționale

— Autoritatea Electorală Permanentă

— Agenția pentru Strategii Guvernamentale

— Agenția Națională a Medicamentului

— Agenția Națională pentru Sport

— Agenția Națională pentru Ocuparea Forței de Muncă

— Agenția Națională de Reglementare în Domeniul Energiei

— Agenția Română pentru Conservarea Energiei

— Agenția Națională pentru Resurse Minerale

— Agenția Română pentru Investiții Străine

— Agenția Națională pentru Întreprinderi Mici și Mijlocii și Cooperație

— Agenția Națională a Funcționarilor Publici

— Agenția Națională de Administrare Fiscală

— Agenția de Compensare pentru Achiziții de Tehnică Specială

— Agenția Națională Antidoping

— Agenția Nucleară

— Agenția Națională pentru Protecția Familiei

— Agenția Națională pentru Egalitatea de Șanse între Bărbați și Femei

— Agenția Națională pentru Protecția Mediului

— Agenția Națională Antidrog


— Predsednik Republike Slovenije

— Državni zbor Republike Slovenije

— Državni svet Republike Slovenije

— Varuh človekovih pravic

— Ustavno sodišče Republike Slovenije

— Računsko sodišče Republike Slovenije

— Državna revizijska komisja za revizijo postopkov oddaje javnih naročil

— Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti

— Vladne službe

— Ministrstvo za finance

— Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve

— Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

— Ministrstvo za obrambo

— Ministrstvo za pravosodje

— Ministrstvo za gospodarstvo

— Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano

— Ministrstvo za promet

— Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor

— Ministrstvo za delo, družino in socialne zadeve

— Ministrstvo za zdravje

— Ministrstvo za javno upravo

— Ministrstvo za šolstvo in šport

— Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo, znanost in tehnologijo

— Ministrstvo za kulturo

— Vrhovno sodišče Republike Slovenije

— višja sodišča

— okrožna sodišča

— okrajna sodišča

— Vrhovno državno tožilstvo Republike Slovenije

— Okrožna državna tožilstva

— Državno pravobranilstvo

— Upravno sodišče Republike Slovenije

— Višje delovno in socialno sodišče

— delovna sodišča

— Davčna uprava Republike Slovenije

— Carinska uprava Republike Slovenije

— Urad Republike Slovenije za preprečevanje pranja denarja

— Urad Republike Slovenije za nadzor prirejanja iger na srečo

— Uprava Republike Slovenije za javna plačila

— Urad Republike Slovenije za nadzor proračuna

— Policija

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za notranje zadeve

— Generalštab Slovenske vojske

— Uprava Republike Slovenije za zaščito in reševanje

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za obrambo

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za varstvo pred naravnimi in drugimi nesrečami

— Uprava Republike Slovenije za izvrševanje kazenskih sankcij

— Urad Republike Slovenije za varstvo konkurence

— Urad Republike Slovenije za varstvo potrošnikov

— Tržni inšpektorat Republike Slovenije

— Urad Republike Slovenije za intelektualno lastnino

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za elektronske komunikacije, elektronsko podpisovanje in pošto

— Inšpektorat za energetiko in rudarstvo

— Agencija Republike Slovenije za kmetijske trge in razvoj podeželja

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in hrano

— Fitosanitarna uprava Republike Slovenije

— Veterinarska uprava Republike Slovenije

— Uprava Republike Slovenije za pomorstvo

— Direkcija Republike Slovenije za ceste

— Prometni inšpektorat Republike Slovenije

— Direkcija za vodenje investicij v javno železniško infrastrukturo

— Agencija Republike Slovenije za okolje

— Geodetska uprava Republike Slovenije

— Uprava Republike Slovenije za jedrsko varstvo

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za okolje in prostor

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za delo

— Zdravstveni inšpektorat

— Urad Republike Slovenije za kemikalije

— Uprava Republike Slovenije za varstvo pred sevanji

— Urad Republike Slovenije za meroslovje

— Urad za visoko šolstvo

— Urad Republike Slovenije za mladino

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za šolstvo in šport

— Arhiv Republike Slovenije

— Inšpektorat Republike Slovenije za kulturo in medije

— Kabinet predsednika Vlade Republike Slovenije

— Generalni sekretariat Vlade Republike Slovenije

— Služba vlade za zakonodajo

— Služba vlade za evropske zadeve

— Služba vlade za lokalno samoupravo in regionalno politiko

— Urad vlade za komuniciranje

— Urad za enake možnosti

— Urad za verske skupnosti

— Urad za narodnosti

— Urad za makroekonomske analize in razvoj

— Statistični urad Republike Slovenije

— Slovenska obveščevalno-varnostna agencija

— Protokol Republike Slovenije

— Urad za varovanje tajnih podatkov

— Urad za Slovence v zamejstvu in po svetu

— Služba Vlade Republike Slovenije za razvoj

— Informacijski pooblaščenec

— Državna volilna komisija


Ministries and other central government authorities referred to as in Act No. 575/2001 Coll. on the structure of activities of the Government and central state administration authorities in wording of later regulations:

— Kancelária Prezidenta Slovenskej republiky

— Národná rada Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo hospodárstva Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo financií Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo dopravy, pôšt a telekomunikácií Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo pôdohospodárstva Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo výstavby a regionálneho rozvoja Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo vnútra Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo obrany Slovenskej

— Ministerstvo spravodlivosti Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo zahraničných vecí Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo životného prostredia Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo školstva Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo kultúry Slovenskej republiky

— Ministerstvo zdravotníctva Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad vlády Slovenskej republiky

— Protimonopolný úrad Slovenskej republiky

— Štatistický úrad Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad geodézie, kartografie a katastra Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad jadrového dozoru Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad pre normalizáciu, metrológiu a skúšobníctvo Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad pre verejné obstarávanie

— Úrad priemyselného vlastníctva Slovenskej republiky

— Správa štátnych hmotných rezerv Slovenskej republiky

— Národný bezpečnostný úrad

— Ústavný súd Slovenskej republiky

— Najvyšší súd Slovenskej republiky

— Generálna prokuratúra Slovenskej republiky

— Najvyšší kontrolný úrad Slovenskej republiky

— Telekomunikačný úrad Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad priemyselného vlastníctva Slovenskej republiky

— Úrad pre finančný trh

— Úrad na ochranu osobných údajov

— Kancelária verejného ochrancu práv


— Oikeuskanslerinvirasto – Justitiekanslersämbetet

— Liikenne- ja viestintäministeriö – Kommunikationsministeriet

— Ajoneuvohallintokeskus AKE – Fordonsförvaltningscentralen AKE

— Ilmailuhallinto – Luftfartsförvaltningen

— Ilmatieteen laitos – Meteorologiska institutet

— Merenkulkulaitos – Sjöfartsverket

— Merentutkimuslaitos – Havsforskningsinstitutet

— Ratahallintokeskus RHK – Banförvaltningscentralen RHK

— Rautatievirasto – Järnvägsverket

— Tiehallinto – Vägförvaltningen

— Viestintävirasto – Kommunikationsverket

— Maa- ja metsätalousministeriö – Jord- och skogsbruksministeriet

— Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto – Livsmedelssäkerhetsverket

— Maanmittauslaitos – Lantmäteriverket

— Maaseutuvirasto – Landsbygdsverket

— Oikeusministeriö – Justitieministeriet

— Tietosuojavaltuutetun toimisto – Dataombudsmannens byrå

— Tuomioistuimet – domstolar

— Korkein oikeus – Högsta domstolen

— Korkein hallinto-oikeus – Högsta förvaltningsdomstolen

— Hovioikeudet – hovrätter

— Käräjäoikeudet – tingsrätter

— Hallinto-oikeudet – förvaltningsdomstolar

— Markkinaoikeus – Marknadsdomstolen

— Työtuomioistuin – Arbetsdomstolen

— Vakuutusoikeus – Försäkringsdomstolen

— Kuluttajariitalautakunta – Konsumenttvistenämnden

— Vankeinhoitolaitos – Fångvårdsväsendet

— HEUNI - Yhdistyneiden Kansakuntien yhteydessä toimiva Euroopan kriminaalipolitiikan instituutti – HEUNI - Europeiska institutet för kriminalpolitik, verksamt i anslutning till Förenta Nationerna

— Konkurssiasiamiehen toimisto – Konkursombudsmannens byrå

— Kuluttajariitalautakunta – Konsumenttvistenämnden

— Oikeushallinnon palvelukeskus – Justitieförvaltningens servicecentral

— Oikeushallinnon tietotekniikkakeskus – Justitieförvaltningens datateknikcentral

— Oikeuspoliittinen tutkimuslaitos (Optula) – Rättspolitiska forskningsinstitutet

— Oikeusrekisterikeskus – Rättsregistercentralen

— Onnettomuustutkintakeskus – Centralen för undersökning av olyckor

— Rikosseuraamusvirasto – Brottspåföljdsverket

— Rikosseuraamusalan koulutuskeskus – Brottspåföljdsområdets utbildningscentral

— Rikoksentorjuntaneuvosto –Rådet för brottsförebyggande

— Saamelaiskäräjät – Sametinget

— Valtakunnansyyttäjänvirasto – Riksåklagarämbetet

— Vankeinhoitolaitos – Fångvårdsväsendet

— Opetusministeriö – Undervisningsministeriet

— Opetushallitus – Utbildningsstyrelsen

— Valtion elokuvatarkastamo – Statens filmgranskningsbyrå

— Puolustusministeriö – Försvarsministeriet

— Puolustusvoimat – Försvarsmakten

— Sisäasiainministeriö – Inrikesministeriet

— Väestörekisterikeskus – Befolkningsregistercentralen

— Keskusrikospoliisi – Centralkriminalpolisen

— Liikkuva poliisi – Rörliga polisen

— Rajavartiolaitos – Gränsbevakningsväsendet

— Lääninhallitukset – Länstyrelserna

— Suojelupoliisi – Skyddspolisen

— Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu – Polisyrkeshögskolan

— Poliisin tekniikkakeskus – Polisens teknikcentral

— Poliisin tietohallintokeskus – Polisens datacentral

— Helsingin kihlakunnan poliisilaitos – Polisinrättningen i Helsingfors

— Pelastusopisto – Räddningsverket

— Hätäkeskuslaitos – Nödcentralsverket

— Maahanmuuttovirasto – Migrationsverket

— Sisäasiainhallinnon palvelukeskus – Inrikesförvaltningens servicecentral

— Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö – Social- och hälsovårdsministeriet

— Työttömyysturvan muutoksenhakulautakunta – Besvärsnämnden för utkomstskyddsärenden

— Sosiaaliturvan muutoksenhakulautakunta – Besvärsnämnden för socialtrygghet

— Lääkelaitos – Läkemedelsverket

— Terveydenhuollon oikeusturvakeskus – Rättsskyddscentralen för hälsovården

— Säteilyturvakeskus – Strålsäkerhetscentralen

— Kansanterveyslaitos – Folkhälsoinstitutet

— Lääkehoidon kehittämiskeskus ROHTO – Utvecklingscentralen för läkemedelsbe-handling

— Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon tuotevalvontakeskus – Social- och hälsovårdens – produkttillsynscentral

— Sosiaali- ja terveysalan tutkimus- ja kehittämiskeskus Stakes – Forsknings- och – utvecklingscentralen för social- och hälsovården Stakes

— Vakuutusvalvontavirasto – Försäkringsinspektionen

— Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö – Arbets- och näringsministeriet

— Kuluttajavirasto – Konsumentverket

— Kilpailuvirasto – Konkurrensverket

— Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus – Patent- och registerstyrelsen

— Valtakunnansovittelijain toimisto – Riksförlikningsmännens byrå

— Valtion turvapaikanhakijoiden vastaanottokeskukset – Statliga förläggningar för asylsökande

— Energiamarkkinavirasto - Energimarknadsverket

— Geologian tutkimuskeskus – Geologiska forskningscentralen

— Huoltovarmuuskeskus – Försörjningsberedskapscentralen

— Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus – Konsumentforskningscentralen

— Matkailun edistämiskeskus (MEK) – Centralen för turistfrämjande

— Mittatekniikan keskus (MIKES) – Mätteknikcentralen

— Tekes - teknologian ja innovaatioiden kehittämiskeskus – Tekes -utvecklingscentralen för teknologi och innovationer

— Turvatekniikan keskus (TUKES) – Säkerhetsteknikcentralen

— Valtion teknillinen tutkimuskeskus (VTT) – Statens tekniska forskningscentral

— Syrjintälautakunta – Nationella diskrimineringsnämnden

— Työneuvosto – Arbetsrådet

— Vähemmistövaltuutetun toimisto – Minoritetsombudsmannens byrå

— Ulkoasiainministeriö – Utrikesministeriet

— Valtioneuvoston kanslia – Statsrådets kansli

— Valtiovarainministeriö – Finansministeriet

— Valtiokonttori – Statskontoret

— Verohallinto – Skatteförvaltningen

— Tullilaitos – Tullverket

— Tilastokeskus – Statistikcentralen

— Valtion taloudellinen tutkimuskeskus – Statens ekonomiska forskiningscentral

— Ympäristöministeriö – Miljöministeriet

— Suomen ympäristökeskus – Finlands miljöcentral

— Asumisen rahoitus- ja kehityskeskus – Finansierings- och utvecklingscentralen för boendet

— Valtiontalouden tarkastusvirasto – Statens revisionsverk



— Affärsverket svenska kraftnät

— Akademien för de fria konsterna

— Alkohol- och läkemedelssortiments-nämnden

— Allmänna pensionsfonden

— Allmänna reklamationsnämnden

— Ambassader

— Ansvarsnämnd, statens

— Arbetsdomstolen

— Arbetsförmedlingen

— Arbetsgivarverk, statens

— Arbetslivsinstitutet

— Arbetsmiljöverket

— Arkitekturmuseet

— Arrendenämnder

— Arvsfondsdelegationen


— Banverket

— Barnombudsmannen

— Beredning för utvärdering av medicinsk metodik, statens

— Bergsstaten

— Biografbyrå, statens

— Biografiskt lexikon, svenskt

— Birgittaskolan

— Blekinge tekniska högskola

— Bokföringsnämnden

— Bolagsverket

— Bostadsnämnd, statens

— Bostadskreditnämnd, statens

— Boverket

— Brottsförebyggande rådet

— Brottsoffermyndigheten


— Centrala studiestödsnämnden


— Danshögskolan

— Datainspektionen

— Departementen

— Domstolsverket

— Dramatiska institutet


— Ekeskolan

— Ekobrottsmyndigheten

— Ekonomistyrningsverket

— Ekonomiska rådet

— Elsäkerhetsverket

— Energimarknadsinspektionen

— Energimyndighet, statens

— EU/FoU-rådet

— Exportkreditnämnden

— Exportråd, Sveriges


— Fastighetsmäklarnämnden

— Fastighetsverk, statens

— Fideikommissnämnden

— Finansinspektionen

— Finanspolitiska rådet

— Finsk-svenska gränsälvskommissionen

— Fiskeriverket

— Flygmedicincentrum

— Folkhälsoinstitut, statens

— Fonden för fukt- och mögelskador

— Forskningsrådet för miljö, areella näringar och samhällsbyggande, Formas

— Folke Bernadotteakademin

— Forskarskattenämnden

— Forskningsrådet för arbetsliv och socialvetenskap

— Fortifikationsverket

— Forum för levande historia

— Försvarets materielverk

— Försvarets radioanstalt

— Försvarets underrättelsenämnd

— Försvarshistoriska museer, statens

— Försvarshögskolan

— Försvarsmakten

— Försäkringskassan


— Gentekniknämnden

— Geologiska undersökning

— Geotekniska institut, statens

— Giftinformationscentralen

— Glesbygdsverket

— Grafiska institutet och institutet för högre kommunikation- och reklamutbildning

— Granskningsnämnden för radio och TV

— Granskningsnämnden för försvarsuppfinningar

— Gymnastik- och Idrottshögskolan

— Göteborgs universitet


— Handelsflottans kultur- och fritidsråd

— Handelsflottans pensionsanstalt

— Handelssekreterare

— Handelskamrar, auktoriserade

— Handikappombudsmannen

— Handikappråd, statens

— Harpsundsnämnden

— Haverikommission, statens

— Historiska museer, statens

— Hjälpmedelsinstitutet

— Hovrätterna

— Hyresnämnder

— Häktena

— Hälso- och sjukvårdens ansvarsnämnd

— Högskolan Dalarna

— Högskolan i Borås

— Högskolan i Gävle

— Högskolan i Halmstad

— Högskolan i Kalmar

— Högskolan i Karlskrona/Ronneby

— Högskolan i Kristianstad

— Högskolan i Skövde

— Högskolan i Trollhättan/Uddevalla

— Högskolan på Gotland

— Högskolans avskiljandenämnd

— Högskoleverket

— Högsta domstolen


— ILO-kommittén

— Inspektionen för arbetslöshetsförsäkringen

— Inspektionen för strategiska produkter

— Institut för kommunikationsanalys, statens

— Institut för psykosocial medicin, statens

— Institut för särskilt utbildningsstöd, statens

— Institutet för arbetsmarknadspolitisk utvärdering

— Institutet för rymdfysik

— Institutet för tillväxtpolitiska studier

— Institutionsstyrelse, statens

— Insättningsgarantinämnden

— Integrationsverket

— Internationella programkontoret för utbildningsområdet


— Jordbruksverk, statens

— Justitiekanslern

— Jämställdhetsombudsmannen

— Jämställdhetsnämnden

— Järnvägar, statens

— Järnvägsstyrelsen


— Kammarkollegiet

— Kammarrätterna

— Karlstads universitet

— Karolinska Institutet

— Kemikalieinspektionen

— Kommerskollegium

— Konjunkturinstitutet

— Konkurrensverket

— Konstfack

— Konsthögskolan

— Konstnärsnämnden

— Konstråd, statens

— Konsulat

— Konsumentverket

— Krigsvetenskapsakademin

— Krigsförsäkringsnämnden

— Kriminaltekniska laboratorium, statens

— Kriminalvården

— Krisberedskapsmyndigheten

— Kristinaskolan

— Kronofogdemyndigheten

— Kulturråd, statens

— Kungl. Biblioteket

— Kungl. Konsthögskolan

— Kungl. Musikhögskolan i Stockholm

— Kungl. Tekniska högskolan

— Kungl. Vitterhets-, historie- och antikvitetsakademien

— Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien

— Kustbevakningen

— Kvalitets- och kompetensråd, statens

— Kärnavfallsfondens styrelse


— Lagrådet

— Lantbruksuniversitet, Sveriges

— Lantmäteriverket

— Linköpings universitet

— Livrustkammaren, Skoklosters slott och Hallwylska museet

— Livsmedelsverk, statens

— Livsmedelsekonomiska institutet

— Ljud- och bildarkiv, statens

— Lokala säkerhetsnämnderna vid kärnkraftverk

— Lotteriinspektionen

— Luftfartsverket

— Luftfartsstyrelsen

— Luleå tekniska universitet

— Lunds universitet

— Läkemedelsverket

— Läkemedelsförmånsnämnden

— Länsrätterna

— Länsstyrelserna

— Lärarhögskolan i Stockholm


— Malmö högskola

— Manillaskolan

— Maritima muséer, statens

— Marknadsdomstolen

— Medlingsinstitutet

— Meteorologiska och hydrologiska institut, Sveriges

— Migrationsverket

— Militärhögskolor

— Mittuniversitetet

— Moderna museet

— Museer för världskultur, statens

— Musikaliska Akademien

— Musiksamlingar, statens

— Myndigheten för handikappolitisk samordning

— Myndigheten för internationella adoptionsfrågor

— Myndigheten för skolutveckling

— Myndigheten för kvalificerad yrkesutbildning

— Myndigheten för nätverk och samarbete inom högre utbildning

— Myndigheten för Sveriges nätuniversitet

— Myndigheten för utländska investeringar i Sverige

— Mälardalens högskola


— Nationalmuseum

— Nationellt centrum för flexibelt lärande

— Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

— Naturvårdsverket

— Nordiska Afrikainstitutet

— Notarienämnden

— Nämnd för arbetstagares uppfinningar, statens

— Nämnden för statligt stöd till trossamfund

— Nämnden för styrelserepresentationsfrågor

— Nämnden mot diskriminering

— Nämnden för elektronisk förvaltning

— Nämnden för Rh-anpassad utbildning

— Nämnden för hemslöjdsfrågor


— Oljekrisnämnden

— Ombudsmannen mot diskriminering på grund av sexuell läggning

— Ombudsmannen mot etnisk diskriminering

— Operahögskolan i Stockholm


— Patent- och registreringsverket

— Patentbesvärsrätten

— Pensionsverk, statens

— Personregisternämnd statens, SPAR-nämnden

— Pliktverk, Totalförsvarets

— Polarforskningssekretariatet

— Post- och telestyrelsen

— Premiepensionsmyndigheten

— Presstödsnämnden


— Radio- och TV-verket

— Rederinämnden

— Regeringskansliet

— Regeringsrätten

— Resegarantinämnden

— Registernämnden

— Re visorsnämnden 

— Riksantikvarieämbetet

— Riksarkivet

— Riksbanken

— Riksdagsförvaltningen

— Riksdagens ombudsmän

— Riksdagens revisorer

— Riksgäldskontoret

— Rikshemvärnsrådet

— Rikspolisstyrelsen

— Riksrevisionen

— Rikstrafiken

— Riksutställningar, Stiftelsen

— Riksvärderingsnämnden

— Rymdstyrelsen

— Rådet för Europeiska socialfonden i Sverige

— Räddningsverk, statens

— Rättshjälpsmyndigheten

— Rättshjälpsnämnden

— Rättsmedicinalverket


— Samarbetsnämnden för statsbidrag till trossamfund

— Sameskolstyrelsen och sameskolor

— Sametinget

— SIS, Standardiseringen i Sverige

— Sjöfartsverket

— Skatterättsnämnden

— Skatteverket

— Skaderegleringsnämnd, statens

— Skiljenämnden i vissa trygghetsfrågor

— Skogsstyrelsen

— Skogsvårdsstyrelserna

— Skogs- och lantbruksakademien

— Skolverk, statens

— Skolväsendets överklagandenämnd

— Smittskyddsinstitutet

— Socialstyrelsen

— Specialpedagogiska institutet

— Specialskolemyndigheten

— Språk- och folkminnesinstitutet

— Sprängämnesinspektionen

— Statistiska centralbyrån

— Statskontoret

— Stockholms universitet

— Stockholms internationella miljöinstitut

— Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten

— Styrelsen för ackreditering och teknisk kontroll

— Styrelsen för internationellt utvecklingssamarbete, SIDA

— Styrelsen för Samefonden

— Styrelsen för psykologiskt försvar

— Stängselnämnden

— Svenska institutet

— Svenska institutet för europapolitiska studier

— Svenska ESF-rådet

— Svenska Unescorådet

— Svenska FAO kommittén

— Svenska Språknämnden

— Svenska Skeppshypotekskassan

— Svenska institutet i Alexandria

— Sveriges författarfond

— Säkerhetspolisen

— Säkerhets- och integritetsskyddsnämnden

— Södertörns högskola


— Taltidningsnämnden

— Talboks- och punktskriftsbiblioteket

— Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm

— Tingsrätterna

— Tjänstepensions och grupplivnämnd, statens

— Tjänsteförslagsnämnden för domstolsväsendet

— Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut

— Totalförsvarets pliktverk

— Tullverket

— Turistdelegationen


— Umeå universitet

— Ungdomsstyrelsen

— Uppsala universitet

— Utlandslönenämnd, statens

— Utlänningsnämnden

— Utrikesförvaltningens antagningsnämnd

— Utrikesnämnden

— Utsädeskontroll, statens


— Valideringsdelegationen

— Valmyndigheten

— Vatten- och avloppsnämnd, statens

— Vattenöverdomstolen

— Verket för förvaltningsutveckling

— Verket för högskoleservice

— Verket för innovationssystem (VINNOVA)

— Verket för näringslivsutveckling (NUTEK)

— Vetenskapsrådet

— Veterinärmedicinska anstalt, statens

— Veterinära ansvarsnämnden

— Väg- och transportforskningsinstitut, statens

— Vägverket

— Vänerskolan

— Växjö universitet

— Växtsortnämnd, statens


— Åklagarmyndigheten

— Åsbackaskolan


— Örebro universitet

— Örlogsmannasällskapet

— Östervångsskolan

— Överbefälhavaren

— Överklagandenämnden för högskolan

— Överklagandenämnden för nämndemannauppdrag

— Överklagandenämnden för studiestöd

— Överklagandenämnden för totalförsvaret

United Kingdom

— Cabinet Office

— Office of the Parliamentary Counsel

— Central Office of Information

— Charity Commission

— Crown Estate Commissioners (Vote Expenditure Only)

— Crown Prosecution Service

— Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

— Competition Commission

— Gas and Electricity Consumers’ Council

— Office of Manpower Economics

— Department for Children, Schools and Families

— Department of Communities and Local Government

— Rent Assessment Panels

— Department for Culture, Media and Sport

— British Library

— British Museum

— Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

— The Gambling Commission

— Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England (English Heritage)

— Imperial War Museum

— Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

— National Gallery

— National Maritime Museum

— National Portrait Gallery

— Natural History Museum

— Science Museum

— Tate Gallery

— Victoria and Albert Museum

— Wallace Collection

— Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

— Agricultural Dwelling House Advisory Committees

— Agricultural Land Tribunals

— Agricultural Wages Board and Committees

— Cattle Breeding Centre

— Countryside Agency

— Plant Variety Rights Office

— Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

— Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

— Department of Health

— Dental Practice Board

— National Health Service Strategic Health Authorities

— NHS Trusts

— Prescription Pricing Authority

— Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills

— Higher Education Funding Council for England

— National Weights and Measures Laboratory

— Patent Office

— Department for International Development

— Department of the Procurator General and Treasury Solicitor

— Legal Secretariat to the Law Officers

— Department for Transport

— Maritime and Coastguard Agency

— Department for Work and Pensions

— Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board

— Independent Tribunal Service

— Medical Boards and Examining Medical Officers (War Pensions)

— Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority

— Regional Medical Service

— Social Security Advisory Committee

— Export Credits Guarantee Department

— Foreign and Commonwealth Office

— Wilton Park Conference Centre

— Government Actuary’s Department

— Government Communications Headquarters

— Home Office

— HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

— House of Commons

— House of Lords

— Ministry of Defence

— Defence Equipment & Support

— Meteorological Office

— Ministry of Justice

— Boundary Commission for England

— Combined Tax Tribunal

— Council on Tribunals

— Court of Appeal - Criminal

— Employment Appeals Tribunal

— Employment Tribunals

— HMCS Regions, Crown, County and Combined Courts (England and Wales)

— Immigration Appellate Authorities

— Immigration Adjudicators

— Immigration Appeals Tribunal

— Lands Tribunal

— Law Commission

— Legal Aid Fund (England and Wales)

— Office of the Social Security Commissioners

— Parole Board and Local Review Committees

— Pensions Appeal Tribunals

— Public Trust Office

— Supreme Court Group (England and Wales)

— Transport Tribunal

— The National Archives

— National Audit Office

— National Savings and Investments

— National School of Government

— Northern Ireland Assembly Commission

— Northern Ireland Court Service

— Coroners Courts

— County Courts

— Court of Appeal and High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland

— Crown Court

— Enforcement of Judgements Office

— Legal Aid Fund

— Magistrates’ Courts

— Pensions Appeals Tribunals

— Northern Ireland, Department for Employment and Learning

— Northern Ireland, Department for Regional Development

— Northern Ireland, Department for Social Development

— Northern Ireland, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

— Northern Ireland, Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure

— Northern Ireland, Department of Education

— Northern Ireland, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment

— Northern Ireland, Department of the Environment

— Northern Ireland, Department of Finance and Personnel

— Northern Ireland, Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety

— Northern Ireland, Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister

— Northern Ireland Office

— Crown Solicitor’s Office

— Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland

— Forensic Science Laboratory of Northern Ireland

— Office of the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland

— Police Service of Northern Ireland

— Probation Board for Northern Ireland

— State Pathologist Service

— Office of Fair Trading

— Office for National Statistics

— National Health Service Central Register

— Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration and Health Service Commissioners

— Paymaster General’s Office

— Postal Business of the Post Office

— Privy Council Office

— Public Record Office

— HM Revenue and Customs

— The Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office

— Royal Hospital, Chelsea

— Royal Mint

— Rural Payments Agency

— Scotland, Auditor-General

— Scotland, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

— Scotland, General Register Office

— Scotland, Queen’s and Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer

— Scotland, Registers of Scotland

— The Scotland Office

— The Scottish Ministers

— Architecture and Design Scotland

— Crofters Commission

— Deer Commission for Scotland

— Lands Tribunal for Scotland

— National Galleries of Scotland

— National Library of Scotland

— National Museums of Scotland

— Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

— Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

— Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council

— Scottish Law Commission

— Community Health Partnerships

— Special Health Boards

— Health Boards

— The Office of the Accountant of Court

— High Court of Justiciary

— Court of Session

— HM Inspectorate of Constabulary

— Parole Board for Scotland

— Pensions Appeal Tribunals

— Scottish Land Court

— Sheriff Courts

— Scottish Police Services Authority

— Office of the Social Security Commissioners

— The Private Rented Housing Panel and Private Rented Housing Committees

— Keeper of the Records of Scotland

— The Scottish Parliamentary Body Corporate

— HM Treasury

— Office of Government Commerce

— United Kingdom Debt Management Office

— The Wales Office (Office of the Secretary of State for Wales)

— The Welsh Ministers

— Higher Education Funding Council for Wales

— Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales

— The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

— Valuation Tribunals (Wales)

— Welsh National Health Service Trusts and Local Health Boards

— Welsh Rent Assessment Panels

3. List of supplies and equipment purchased by Ministries of defence and Agencies for defence or security activities in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom that are covered by Chapter II of Section V of Title II of this Agreement:

Chapter 25: Salt, sulphur, earths and stone, plastering materials, lime and cement

Chapter 26: Metallic ores, slag and ash

Chapter 27: Mineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation, bituminous substances, mineral waxes


ex 27.10: special engine fuels

Chapter 28: Inorganic chemicals, organic and inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of radio-active elements and isotopes


ex 28.09: explosives

ex 28.13: explosives

ex 28.14: tear gas

ex 28.28: explosives

ex 28.32: explosives

ex 28.39: explosives

ex 28.50: toxic products

ex 28.51: toxic products

ex 28.54: explosives

Chapter 29: Organic chemicals


ex 29.03: explosives

ex 29.04: explosives

ex 29.07: explosives

ex 29.08: explosives

ex 29.11: explosives

ex 29.12: explosives

ex 29.13: toxic products

ex 29.14: toxic products

ex 29.15: toxic products

ex 29.21: toxic products

ex 29.22: toxic products

ex 29.23: toxic products

ex 29.26: explosives

ex 29.27: toxic products

ex 29.29: explosives

Chapter 30: Pharmaceutical products

Chapter 31: Fertilisers

Chapter 32: Tanning and dyeing extracts, tannings and their derivatives, dyes, colours, paints and varnishes, putty, fillers and stoppings, inks

Chapter 33: Essential oils and resinoids, perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations

Chapter 34: Soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing and scouring preparations, candles and similar articles, modelling pastes and ‘dental waxes’

Chapter 35: Albuminoidal substances, glues, enzymes

Chapter 37: Photographic and cinematographic goods

Chapter 38: Miscellaneous chemical products


ex 38.19: toxic products

Chapter 39: Artificial resins and plastic materials, cellulose esters and ethers, articles thereof


ex 39.03: explosives

Chapter 40: Rubber, synthetic rubber, factice, and articles thereof


ex 40.11: bullet-proof tyres

Chapter 41: Raw hides and skins (other than fur skins) and leather

Chapter 42: Articles of leather, saddlery and harness, travel goods, handbags and similar containers, articles of animal gut (other than silk-worm gut)

Chapter 43: Furskins and artificial fur, manufactures thereof

Chapter 44: Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal

Chapter 45: Cork and articles of cork

Chapter 46: Manufactures of straw of esparto and of other plaiting materials, basket ware and wickerwork

Chapter 47: Paper-making material

Chapter 48: Paper and paperboard, articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard

Chapter 49: Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry, manuscripts, typescripts and plans

Chapter 65: Headgear and parts thereof

Chapter 66: Umbrellas, sunshades, walking-sticks, whips, riding-crops and parts thereof

Chapter 67: Prepared feathers and down and articles made of feathers or of down, artificial flowers, articles of human hair

Chapter 68: Articles of stone, of plaster, of cement, of asbestos, of mica and of similar materials

Chapter 69: Ceramic products

Chapter 70: Glass and glassware

Chapter 71: Pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, precious metals, rolled precious metals, and articles thereof; imitation jewellery

Chapter 73: Iron and steel and articles thereof

Chapter 74: Copper and articles thereof

Chapter 75: Nickel and articles thereof

Chapter 76: Aluminium and articles thereof

Chapter 77: Magnesium and beryllium and articles thereof

Chapter 78: Lead and articles thereof

Chapter 79: Zinc and articles thereof

Chapter 80: Tin and articles thereof

Chapter 81: Other base metals employed in metallurgy and articles thereof

Chapter 82: Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons and forks, of base metal, parts thereof


ex 82.05: tools

ex 82.07: tools, parts

Chapter 83: Miscellaneous articles of base metal

Chapter 84: Boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, parts thereof


ex 84.06: engines

ex 84.08: other engines

ex 84.45: machinery

ex 84.53: automatic data-processing machines

ex 84.55: parts of machines under heading No 84.53

ex 84.59: nuclear reactors

Chapter 85: Electrical machinery and equipment, parts thereof


ex 85.13: telecommunication equipment

ex 85.15: transmission apparatus

Chapter 86: Railway and tramway locomotives, rolling-stock and parts thereof; railway and tramway tracks fixtures and fittings, traffic signalling equipment of all kinds (not electrically powered)


ex 86.02: armoured locomotives, electric

ex 86.03: other armoured locomotives

ex 86.05: armoured wagons

ex 86.06: repair wagons

ex 86.07: wagons

Chapter 87: Vehicles, other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, and parts thereof


ex 87.08: tanks and other armoured vehicles

ex 87.01: tractors

ex 87.02: military vehicles

ex 87.03: breakdown lorries

ex 87.09: motorcycles

ex 87.14: trailers

Chapter 89: Ships, boats and floating structures


ex 89.01 A: warships

Chapter 90: Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, precision, medical and surgical instruments and apparatus, parts thereof


ex 90.05: binoculars

ex 90.13: miscellaneous instruments, lasers

ex 90.14: telemeters

ex 90.28: electrical and electronic measuring instruments

ex 90.11: microscopes

ex 90.17: medical instruments

ex 90.18: mechano-therapy appliances

ex 90.19: orthopaedic appliances

ex 90.20: X-ray apparatus

Chapter 91: Manufacture of watches and clocks

Chapter 92: Musical instruments, sound recorders or reproducers, television image and sound recorders or reproducers, parts and accessories of such articles

Chapter 94: Furniture and parts thereof, bedding, mattresses, mattress supports, cushions and similar stuffed furnishings


ex 94.01 A: aircraft seats

Chapter 95: Articles and manufactures of carving or moulding material

Chapter 96: Brooms, brushes, powder-puffs and sieves

Chapter 98: Miscellaneous manufactured articles