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Document 31995D0034

Commission Decision of 16 February 1995 amending Commission Decision 94/324/EC laying down specific conditions for importing fishery and aquaculture products from Indonesia (Text with EEA relevance)

OJ L 44, 28.2.1995, p. 67–71 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT, FI, SV)

No longer in force, Date of end of validity: 17/06/1997; Implicitly repealed by 397D0401



95/34/EC: Commission Decision of 16 February 1995 amending Commission Decision 94/324/EC laying down specific conditions for importing fishery and aquaculture products from Indonesia (Text with EEA relevance)

Official Journal L 044 , 28/02/1995 P. 0067 - 0071

COMMISSION DECISION of 16 February 1995 amending Commission Decision 94/324/EC laying down specific conditions for importing fishery and aquaculture products from Indonesia (Text with EEA relevance) (95/34/EC)


Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community,

Having regard to Council Directive 91/493/EEC of 22 July 1991 laying down the health conditions for the production and the placing on the market of fishery products (1), as last amended by the Act of Accession of Austria, Finland and Sweden, and in particular Article 11 (5) thereof,

Whereas the list of establishments approved by Indonesia for importing fishery and aquaculture products into the Community has been drawn up in Commission Decision 94/324/EC (2); whereas this list may be amended following the communication of a new list by the competent authority in Indonesia;

Whereas the competent authority in Indonesia has communicated a new list adding 49 establishments, deleting 22 establishments, and amending the data of 39 establishments;

Whereas it is necessary to amend the list of approved establishments;

Whereas the measures provided for in this Decision have been drawn up in accordance with the procedure laid down by Commission Decision 90/13/EEC (3),


Article 1

Annex B of Decision 94/324/EC is replaced by the Annex to this Decision.

Article 2

This Decision is addressed to the Member States.

Done at Brussels, 16 February 1995.

For the Commission


Member of the Commission

(1) OJ No L 268, 24. 9. 1991, p. 15.

(2) OJ No L 145, 10. 6. 1994, p. 23.

(3) OJ No L 8, 11. 1. 1990, p. 70.



List of approved establishments

>(1)"> ID="1">001.09.B> ID="2">PT Affi> ID="3">Cirebon, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">002.25.B> ID="2">PT Asa Engeneering> ID="3">Minahasa, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">003.07.B> ID="2">PT Agung Jayasari Sakti> ID="3">Palembang, South Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">005.27.B> ID="2">PT Alfa Kurnia Fish Enterprise> ID="3">Sorong, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">006.11.B> ID="2">PT Almina Utama> ID="3">Cilacap, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">008.11.B> ID="2">PT Aorta> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">009.13.B> ID="2">CV Armada Jaya> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">010.14.B> ID="2">PT Balinusa Windumas> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">011.24.B> ID="2">PT Banggai Central Shrimp> ID="3">Batui-Luwuk, Central Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">012.22.B> ID="2">PT Bonecom> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">013.10.B> ID="2">PT Bonecom> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">015.13.B> ID="2">PT Bumi Menara Internusa> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">016.09.B> ID="2">PT Cahaya Windu> ID="3">Kerawang, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">017.13.B> ID="2">PT Candi Jaya Amerta> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">018.11.B> ID="2">PT Cejamp> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">019.11.B> ID="2">PT Cenjaco> ID="3">Cilacap, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">020.13.B> ID="2">PT Central Windu Sejati> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">021.22.B> ID="2">PT Citra Arisco Mina> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">022.22.B> ID="2">PT Dataran Bosowa> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">023.26.B> ID="2">PT Daya Guna Samudra> ID="3">Benjina, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">024.10.B> ID="2">PT Dharma Mulia> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">025.07.B> ID="2">PT Dharma Niaga> ID="3">Palembang, South Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">026.08.B> ID="2">PT Dipasena Citra Darmaja> ID="3">Lampung, Lampung> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">027.13.B> ID="2">PT Dua Mutiara> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">028.27.B> ID="2">PT Dwi Bina Utama> ID="3">Sorong, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">029.13.B> ID="2">PT Emral Putra Mandiri> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">031.09.B> ID="2">PT Fega Aquafarmindo> ID="3">Tangerang, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">032.11.B> ID="2">PT Fishindo Makmur Sentosa> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">034.13.B> ID="2">PT Golden Great Wall Indonesia> ID="3">Gresik, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">035.02.B> ID="2">PT Growth Pacific> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">036.10.B> ID="2">PT Halimas Sakti Sejati> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">038.10.B> ID="2">PT Hotanjaya Graha> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">039.11.B> ID="2">PT Ika Citra Fishtama> ID="3">Pekalongan, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">040.13.B> ID="2">PT Indaco Aneka Jaya> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">041.13.B> ID="2">PT Indonusa Royal Seafood Corp.> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">042.09.B> ID="2">PT Intimina Setiatama> ID="3">Cirebon, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">043.27.B> ID="2">PT Irian Marine Product Development> ID="3">Sorong, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">044.13.B> ID="2">PT Istana Cipta Sejahtera> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">046.02.B> ID="2">PT Juta Jelita> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">049.13.B> ID="2">PT Karya Manunggal Prima Sukses> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">050.10.B> ID="2">PT Kedamaian> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">051.22.B> ID="2">PT Kiju Shintaka> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">052.13.B> ID="2">PT Ksatrya Bhakti> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">053.07.B> ID="2">PT Laura Indo> ID="3">Palembang, South Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">054.07.B> ID="2">PT Lestari Magris> ID="3">Palembang, South Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">055.10.B> ID="2">PT Lola Mina> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">057.13.B> ID="2">PT Makin Jaya Co.> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">058.22.B> ID="2">PT Marco Piposs> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">059.25.B> ID="2">PT Mega Galaxy> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">060.13.B> ID="2">PT Mega Marine> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">061.21.B> ID="2">PT Minanusa Ikatama> ID="3">Berau, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">062.10.B.> ID="2">PT Merto International Tangguh> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">063.13.B> ID="2">PT Mina Kencana Sejahtera> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">064.13.B> ID="2">PT Mina Mas Utama> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">065.19.B> ID="2">PT Misaja Mitra> ID="3">Kota Baru, South Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">066.21.B> ID="2">PT Misaja Mitra> ID="3">Samarinda, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">067.21.B> ID="2">PT Misaja Mitra> ID="3">Tarakan, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">068.22.B> ID="2">PT Mitra Kartika Sejati> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">069.13.B> ID="2">PT Modern Sinar Jayantara> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">070.13.B> ID="2">PT Multi Prawn> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">071.10.B> ID="2">PT Naga Mas Sakti Perkasa> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">072.13.B> ID="2">PT Naga Mas Sakti Perkasa> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">073.02.B> ID="2">PT Native Prima> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">074.21.B> ID="2">PT Nelayan Abadi Kalimantan Jaya> ID="3">Tarakan, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">075.13.B> ID="2">PT Ocean Gemindo> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">077.10.B> ID="2">PT Panggung Enterprise Ltd.> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">078.25.B> ID="2">PT Perikani Persero> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">079.14.A> ID="2">PT Perikanan Samudra Besar (Persero)> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">079.14.B> ID="2">PT Perikanan Samudra Besar (Persero)> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">082.02.B> ID="2">PT Pulau Salju Indah Lestari> ID="3">Tj. Balai Asahan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">083.10.B> ID="2">PT Pumar> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">084.14.B> ID="2">CV Puri Rasa Food Industry> ID="3">Tabanan, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">086.25.B> ID="2">PT Ratatotok> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">087.02.B> ID="2">PT Red Ribbon> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">089.21.B> ID="2">PT Samarinda Cendana Cold Storage & Industry> ID="3">Samarinda, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">091.10.B> ID="2">PT Sandimas Akuatek> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">092.25.B> ID="2">PT Sapta Forta Universal> ID="3">Gorontalo, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">093.13.B> ID="2">PT Sari Tirta Jaya> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">094.11.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Abadi Jaya> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">095.13.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Bumi I> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">096.13.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Bumi II> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">097.13.D> ID="2">PT Sekar Laut> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">098.10.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Mulya> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">099.13.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Mulya> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">100.18.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Mulya> ID="3">Pontianak, West Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">101.22.B> ID="2">PT Sipu Mutiara Indah> ID="3">Bone, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">102.22.B> ID="2">PT Sitto Mas> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">103.27.B> ID="2">PT Sky Line Kurnia> ID="3">Jayapura, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">104.14.B> ID="2">PT Soejasch Bali> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">105.22.B> ID="2">PT Sulawesi Agro Utama> ID="3">Bone, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">106.21.B> ID="2">PT Sumber Kalimantan Abadi> ID="3">Tarakan, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">108.13.B> ID="2">PT Suri Tani Pemuka> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">109.13.B> ID="2">PT Surya Adikumala Abadi> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">110.13.B> ID="2">PT Surya Alam Tunggal> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">111.18.B> ID="2">PT Surya Rejeki Kita> ID="3">Pontianak, West Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">112.22.B> ID="2">PT South Suco> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">113.02.B> ID="2">PT Tambak Sari Jalmorejo> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">114.22.B> ID="2">PT Tani Abadi Sulawesi> ID="3">Wetampone, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">115.02.B> ID="2">PT Tanjung Bedagai Indah Fisheries> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">116.15.B> ID="2">PT Tekad Andhika Dharma> ID="3">Bima, West Nusa Tenggara> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">118.02.B> ID="2">PT Timur Jaya> ID="3">Tj. Balai Asahan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">118.02.C> ID="2">PT Timur Jaya> ID="3">Tanjung Balai Asahan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">119.11.B> ID="2">PT Tirta Raya Mina (Persero)> ID="3">Pekalongan, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">120.13.D> ID="2">PT Titani Alam Semesta> ID="3">Gresik, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">122.20.B> ID="2">PT Ujung Timur> ID="3">Kumai, Central Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">123.18.B> ID="2">PT Ujung Timur> ID="3">Pontianak, West Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">124.01.B> ID="2">PT Ujung Timur> ID="3">Langsa, Aceh> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">125.09.B> ID="2">PT Ujung Timur> ID="3">Cirebon, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">126.13.B> ID="2">PT Ujung Timur> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">128.13.B> ID="2">PT Ujung Timur II> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">130.27.B> ID="2">PT Usaha Mina (Persero)> ID="3">Sorong, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">131.13.B> ID="2">PT Varia Indowin Perkasa> ID="3">Surabaya, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">132.22.B> ID="2">PT Wahyu Utama Sakti> ID="3">Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">133.27.B> ID="2">PT West Irian Fishing Industry> ID="3">Sorong, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">134.13.B> ID="2">PT Windu Blambangan Sejati> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">135.13.B> ID="2">PT Windu Mutiara> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">136.10B> ID="2">PT Wirontono> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">137.19.B> ID="2">PT Wirontono> ID="3">Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">138.13.B> ID="2">PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia> ID="3">Malang, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">138.13.C> ID="2">PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia> ID="3">Malang, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">139.13.C> ID="2">PT Avila Prima> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">140.11.C> ID="2">PT Bali Maya Permai> ID="3">Pekalongan, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">141.14.C> ID="2">PT Bali Maya Permai> ID="3">Negara, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">142.14.C> ID="2">PT Bali Raya> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">144.02.C> ID="2">PT Medan Tropical Canning & Frozen Industries> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">144.13.C> ID="2">PT Blambangan Raya> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">145.25.C> ID="2">PT Deho Canning> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">146.25.C> ID="2">PT Esthada Pesca> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">147.08.B> ID="2">PT Keong Nusantara Abadi> ID="3">Lampung, Lampung> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">147.08.C> ID="2">PT Keong Nusantara Abadi> ID="3">Lampung, Lampung> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">148.13.C> ID="2">PT Maya Muncar> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">149.02.B> ID="2">PT Medan Tropical Canning & Frozen Industries> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">150.02.C> ID="2">PT Native Prima> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">151.13.B> ID="2">PT Rex Canning & Frozen Industry> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">151.13.C> ID="2">PT Rex Canning & Frozen Industry> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">152.25.C> ID="2">PT Sinar Pure Food> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">153.25.C> ID="2">PT Union Pacific Foods> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">154.13.D> ID="2">PT Karya Kencana Sumber Sari> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">155.11.B> ID="2">PT Seafer General Foods> ID="3">Kendal, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">156.11.B> ID="2">PT Nagamas Sakti Perkasa> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">157.13.D> ID="2">PT Alfa Prima Aneka Industry> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">158.26.B> ID="2">PT Aneka Sumber Tata Bahari> ID="3">Ambon, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">159.10.B> ID="2">PT Berlian Mina Sejahtera> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">160.07.D> ID="2">UD Bersaudara Jaya> ID="3">Bangka, South Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">161.13.B> ID="2">PT Bumimas Indah> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">162.11.D> ID="2">PT Cassanatama Naturindo> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">163.02B> ID="2">PT Central Windu Sejati> ID="3">Medan, North Sumatra> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">164.10.B> ID="2">PT Ciptayasa Pangan Mandiri> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">165.10.B> ID="2">PT Danau Matano Persada Raya> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">166.13.B> ID="2">PT Fishindo Makmur Sentosa> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">167.13.D.> ID="2">PT Giri Asri Megah Perdana> ID="3">Sumenep, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">168.04.B> ID="2">PT Halpindo Bagan> ID="3">Bagan Si Api Api, Riau> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">169.09.C> ID="2">PT Inni Pioneer Food Industry> ID="3">Kerawang, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">170.11.B> ID="2">PT Intraco Mandiri> ID="3">Semarang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">171.10.B> ID="2">PT Jawa Galapagos> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">172.19.B> ID="2">PT Kalimantan Fishery> ID="3">Benjarmasin, South Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">173.13.D> ID="2">CV Mahera> ID="3">Jumiang-Madura, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">174.21.B> ID="2">PT Malindo Kencana Utama> ID="3">Tarakan, East Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">175.13.B> ID="2">PT Marinecipta Agung> ID="3">Pasuruan, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">176.25.B> ID="2">PT Melody Asri> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">177.26.B> ID="2">PT Mina Kartika Sejati> ID="3">Ambon, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">178.11.B> ID="2">PT Misaja Mitra> ID="3">Pati, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">179.27.C.> ID="2">PT Multi Transpeche Indonesia> ID="3">Biak, Irian Jaya> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">180.26.B> ID="2">PT Nusantara Fishery> ID="3">Ambon, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">181.14.C> ID="2">PT Pengambengan Raya> ID="3">Negara, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">182.11.B> ID="2">PT Phillips Seafoods> ID="3">Pemalang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">182.11.C> ID="2">PT Phillips Seafoods> ID="3">Pemalang, Central Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">183.10.B> ID="2">PT Red Ribbon Indonesia Corporation> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">184.25.B> ID="2">PT Sari Cakalang> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">184.25.D> ID="2">PT Sari Cakalang> ID="3">Bitung, North Sulawesi> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">185.14.A> ID="2">PT Sari Segara Utama> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">185.14.B> ID="2">PT Sari Segara Utama> ID="3">Denpasar, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">186.13.B> ID="2">PT Sekar Katokichi> ID="3">Sidoarjo, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">187.26.B> ID="2">PT Sinar Abadi Cemerlang> ID="3">Ambon, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">188.18.B> ID="2">PT Sumber Harapan Indah> ID="3">Pontianak, West Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">189.13.C> ID="2">PT Sumber Yalasamudra> ID="3">Banyuwangi, East Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">190.14.C> ID="2">PT Sumina Ekstrasindo> ID="3">Negara, Bali> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">191.09.B> ID="2">PT Tahapan Jaya> ID="3">Sukabumi, West Java> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">192.26.B> ID="2">PT Tunggal Jaya Abadi> ID="3">Ambon, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">193.26.B> ID="2">PT Usaha Mina (Persero)> ID="3">Bacan, Maluku> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">194.18.B> ID="2">PT Windu Alam Prima> ID="3">Pontianaka, West Kalimantan> ID="4">unlimited"> ID="1">195.10.D> ID="2">PT Wira Aksara> ID="3">Jakarta, Jakarta> ID="4">unlimited""


(1) Date of expiry of approval, or unlimited.

A = Fresh fishery products.

B = Frozen fishery products.

C = Preserved fishery products.

D = Smoked, salted, dehydrated or marinated fishery products.'