ELI annotation tool now available (March 2018)

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The ELI Task Force develops tools to facilitate the adoption of the European Legislation Identifier (ELI) across Europe. The latest tool, called the ELI annotation Tool, is now available for use by national legislation publishers.

The purpose of the ELI annotation tool is to enable legislation publishers to annotate legal texts, consolidation and Official Journal issues with metadata in compliance with the ELI standard. It also allows vocabularies to be easily created and published in SKOS format.

The ELI annotation tool is an open source solution which is free, simple to install on a server, simple to use and easy to customise for your needs. It does need any other software to work.

It is available for download on the Commission’s JoinUp sharing platform: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/solution/eli-annotation-tool.

Features of the ELI annotation tool

Simple to set up
A web application that can be installed on a web server
Command-line operations executed on the server allow for it to be configured and localised, and its users to be managed
Allows users to efficiently produce the notices that will be published on the web
Once the server is configured, easily accessible with a recent web browser
Not meant to publish, manage or archive notices and vocabularies