Norway implements ELI – March 2017

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The Lovdata foundation publishes the Norwegian OJ as well as consolidated statutes and regulations on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. In 2015 Lovdata was appointed as the national ELI coordinator, and in September 2016 they opened access to their ELI implementation, currently in a beta version.

All three pillars of the ELI specification are implemented for current and historic legislation, and documentation is provided in English. All mandatory metadata, including a few additional fields, are displayed and tagged with RDFa attributes.

For the time being, ELI is only visible in its own contained area of the Lovdata website, but this will likely change once the implementation is finalized.

Currently, the goal of interoperability is challenged by the fact that Norwegian legislation is only available in Norwegian and New Norwegian languages. Lovdata is currently involved in an active project which aims to create and maintain English translations of the most important statutes. The representatives of the Lovdata Foundation believe ELI will be very useful in this regard: to provide easy and consistent access to different language versions of legislation.

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