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France shares latest progress on ELI implementation

The French Direction de l'information légale et administrative (DILA) has put in place a number of services to promote the access and reuse of legal information published on starting from 1 January 2002.

France’s work on ELI implementation is in line with the ELI Council Conclusions. It includes introducing persistent identifiers and metadata for:

  • Legislative and regulatory acts and
  • Official Journals.

HTTP URIs for legislative and regulatory acts

You can now access legislative and regulatory acts, such as laws and decrees, via the following canonical URI based on the natural identifier:


For example, LOI n° 2011-2012 du 29 décembre 2011 relative au renforcement de la sécurité sanitaire du médicament et des produits de santé can be accessed via the following ELI HTTP URI:

In addition, you can access all legal texts (including administrative acts) via a second URI based on the local identifier, such as:

For each act, you can access not only the text as whole, but also specific articles.

HTTP URIs for Official Journals

You can now also access official journals using persistent identifiers.

The HTTP URIs refer to Official Journal table of contents, using the date of publication as shown below:


This content can be accessed using the following shortcut:


ELI metadata for legislative and regulatory acts and official journals

Since July 2015, legal information has been described using the ELI metadata schema. This has a number of advantages, including better links between legal information. For example, the metadata terms ‘publishes’ and ‘published_by’ provide links between official journals and the relevant legal acts.

Metadata is available in RDFa format. For users who wish to convert data from RDF into RDFa, DILA recommends using RDF Translator, a multi-format conversion tool for structured mark-up language.