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ELI coordination

Organisation/state agency responsible for the ELI implementation

Ministry of State, Central Legislation Service

Responsible person(s)

John Dann

Contact email

Status of ELI implementation

Access to the ELI startpage

Level of implementation

Pillar 1, pillar 2, pillar 3

URI template structure for pillar 1

Legislation published in Luxembourg applies the URI template which can be found on the relevant website​​.

URI template for Luxembourg{serie}/{type}/{year}/{month}/{day}/{ID}

Implemented metadata elements (only applicable for pillar 2)

ELI metadata properties based on the ELI ontology are published in RDFa format for both Serie Mémorial A and B.

List of ELI metadata available:


Loi du 13 juin 2017 publié au Journal offciel Série Mémorial A numéro 566 + Type + Date of signature + Number Mémorial

Full URI :

Additional information

Luxembourg has chosen a Data centric approach for its Official Journal, using semantic web technologies to publish its legislation. ELI helps tremendously to standardise, exchange and connect legislation beyond borders. ELI also prepares the future for a European Legal Space. The use of user friendly ELI URIs, which imitates how legislation is cited in Luxembourg, is also a great advantage for the citizens. Adding “” information provides more detailed information to increase the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

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