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ELI coordinator

Helmut Weichsel
Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort, Abt. Digital und e-Government - Programm- und Projektmanagement (Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, e-Government programme and project management)

For information, contact:

Status of ELI implementation

Currently Austria has implemented ELI in 2 applications of the Austrian Legal Information System RIS (

Austria plans to implement ELI also in the consolidated version of Austrian Federal Law ( and State Law (

URI template structure

  1. Authentic version of the Austrian Federal Law Gazettes
    Full URI:
    • bgbl = Bundesgesetzblatt (= Austrian Federal Law Gazette)
    • I = piece of the Austrian Federal Law Gazette (I or II or III)
    • 2018 = Year of publication
    • 30 = Number of publication
    • 20180516 = Date of publication
  2. Authentic version of the Austrian State Law Gazettes
    Full URI:
    • lgbl = Landesgesetzblatt (= Austrian State Law Gazette)
    • ST = abbrevation of the state (e.g ST = Steiermark, WI = Vienna, TI = Tyrol)
    • 2018 = Year of publication
    • 47 = Number of publication
    • 20180518 = Date of publication

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