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Types of documents in EUR-Lex

You can use this table to build CELEX numbers. The Celex number is the unique identifier of each document in EUR-Lex, regardless of language. Read more about Celex numbers on our Help pages.

All documents (except from sectors 0 and 7) may have one or more corrigenda. A corrigendum has the same Celex number as the original act, with a suffix "R(xx)", where "xx" is the sequential number of the corrigendum.

Sector 1: Treaties

Sector Descriptor Type of document
1 K Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC Treaty) (1951)
A Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM Treaty) (1957); EURATOM Treaty consolidated versions (2010, 2012)
E Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (EEC Treaty) (1957); EC Treaty Maastricht consolidated version 1992; EC Treaty Amsterdam consolidated version 1997; EC Treaty Nice consolidated version 2002; EC Treaty Athens consolidated version 2006; Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union consolidated versions (2008, 2010, 2012)
F Merger Treaty 1965; Treaty amending budgetary provisions 1970
B Accession Treaty 1972 (UK, Denmark, Ireland, Norway)
R Treaty amending certain financial provisions 1975; Treaty amending certain provisions of the protocol on the statute of the European Investment Bank 1975
H Accession Treaty 1979 (Greece)
I Accession Treaty 1985 (Spain, Portugal)
G Greenland Treaty 1985
U Single European Act 1986
M Treaty on the European Union, Maastricht (1992); EU Treaty Amsterdam consolidated version 1997; EU Treaty Nice consolidated version 2002; EU Treaty Athens consolidated version 2006; EU Treaty Lisbon consolidated versions (2008, 2010, 2012)
N Accession Treaty 1994 (Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway)
D Treaty of Amsterdam 1997
C Treaty of Nice 2001
T Accession Treaty 2003 (Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia)
V Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (2004)
S Accession Treaty 2005 (Bulgaria, Romania)
L Treaty of Lisbon 2007
P Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2007, 2010, 2012)
J Accession Treaty 2012 (Croatia)
W Withdrawal

Sector 2: International agreements

Sector Descriptor Type of document
2 A Agreements with non-member States or international organisations
D Acts of bodies created by international agreements
P Acts of parliamentary bodies created by international agreements
X Other acts

Sector 3: Legal acts

Sector Descriptor Type of document
3 E CFSP: common positions; joint actions; common strategies (pre-Lisbon title V of EU Treaty)
F Police and judicial co-operation in criminal matters (pre-Lisbon title VI of EU Treaty)
R Regulations
L Directives
D Decisions (with or without addressee)
S ECSC Decisions of general interest
M Non-opposition to a notified concentration
J Non-opposition to a notified joint venture
B Budget
K ECSC recommendations
O ECB guidelines
H Recommendations
A Opinions
G Resolutions
C Declarations
Q Institutional arrangements: Rules of procedure; Internal agreements
X Other documents published in OJ L (or pre-1967)
Y Other documents published in OJ C

Sector 4: Complementary legislation

Sector Descriptor Type of document
4 A Agreements between Member States
D Decisions of the representatives of the governments of the Member States
X Other acts published in OJ L
Y Other acts published in OJ C

Sector 5: Preparatory documents

Sector Author Descriptor Type of document
5 Council and MS AG Council positions and statement of reasons
KG Council assents (ECSC Treaty)
IG Member States – initiatives
XG Other documents of the Council or the Member States
European Commission PC COM – legislative proposals, and documents related
DC Other COM documents (green papers, white papers, communications, reports, etc.)
JC JOIN documents
SC SEC and SWD documents
EC Proposals of codified versions of regulations
FC Proposals of codified versions of directives
GC Proposals of codified versions of decisions
M Merger control documents
XC Other documents of the Commission
European Parliament AP Legislative resolutions of the EP
BP Budget (EP)
IP Other resolutions and declarations of the EP
DP Internal decisions of the EP
XP Other documents of the EP
European Court of Auditors AA ECA Opinions
TA ECA Reports
SA ECA Special reports
XA Other documents of the ECA
European Central Bank AB ECB Opinions
HB ECB Recommendations
XB Other documents of the ECB
European Economic and Social Committee AE EESC Opinions on consultation
IE EESC Own-initiative opinions
AC EESC Opinions
XE Other documents of the EESC
European Committee of the Regions AR CoR Opinions on consultation
IR CoR Own-initiative opinions
XR Other documents of the CoR
ECSC Commitee AK ECSC Consultative Committee Opinions
XK Other documents of the ECSC Committee
Other organs XX Other documents

Sector 6: EU case-law

Sector Author Descriptor Type of document
6 Court of Justice CJ Judgment
CO Order
CC Opinion of the Advocate-General
CS Seizure
CT Third party proceeding
CV Opinion
CX Ruling
CD Decision
CP View
CN Communication: new case
CA Communication: judgment
CB Communication: order
CU Communication: request for an opinion
CG Communication: opinion
General Court (pre-Lisbon: Court of First Instance) TJ Judgment
TO Order
TC Opinion of the Advocate-General
TT Third party proceeding
TN Communication: new case
TA Communication: judgment
TB Communication: order
Civil Service Tribunal FJ Judgment
FO Order
FT Third party proceeding
FN Communication: new case
FA Communication: judgment
FB Communication: order

Sector 7: National transposition measures

Sector Descriptor Type of document
7 L National measures to transpose directives

National transposition measures have the same Celex number as the implemented legal act, except that the sector is "7" instead of "3". A country code* and a sequential number are added at the end. Examples: 72014L0056FIN_240353, 72014L0040FRA_240395. Read about how to search for national transposition measures.


Sector 8: National case-law

Sector Descriptor Country
8 BE Belgium
BG Bulgaria
CZ Czech Republic
DK Denmark
DE Germany
EE Estonia
IE Ireland
EL Greece
ES Spain
FR France
HR Croatia
IT Italy
CY Cyprus
LV Latvia
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
HU Hungary
MT Malta
NL Netherlands
AT Austria
PL Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia
FI Finland
SE Sweden
UK United Kingdom
CH Switzerland
IS Iceland
NO Norway
XX Other countries, EFTA Court, European Court of Human Rights

Sector 9: Parliamentary questions

Sector Descriptor Type of document
9 E Written questions
H Questions at question time
O Oral questions

Sector 0: Consolidated texts

Sector Type of document
0 Consolidated texts: non-official documents integrating legal acts with their amendments and corrections

Consolidated texts have the same Celex number as their basic acts, except that the sector is "0".

Sector C: Official Journal C series

Sector Type of document
C Other documents published in the Official Journal C series

These documents don't have a descriptor. They are identified by the year, the OJ number and a sequential number of publication in the OJ. For example C2009/321/04 is the 4th document of OJ C 321 from 2009.

Sector E: EFTA documents

Sector Descriptor Type of document
E A Agreements between EFTA Member States
C Acts of the EFTA Surveillance Authority
G Acts of the EFTA Standing Committee
J Decisions, orders, consultative opinions of the EFTA Court
P Pending cases of the EFTA Court
X Information and communications
O Other acts