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Quick search

Screenshot showing where the quick search can be found

You can use the quick search to perform a general search, using free text like a word, phrase or number.

It searches only in the language selected for the website’s interface and looks for results in a wide range of fields: title, text of documents, identifier, related information, etc.

The quick search is available at the top of any EUR-Lex page.

It generally returns a high number of results. There are different ways to narrow your search results to find exactly what you want. You can use:

  1. Wildcards
    • quotation marks (“ ”) to search for an exact phrase
    • an asterisk (*) to replace any number of characters

      Example: transport* will find transportation, transporting, etc.

      This also works for document numbers

    • a question mark (?) instead of a single character in your search term to find variations of it

      Example: ca?e finds case, cane, care.

  2. To see these tips, click Search tips or the quick search box.

  3. Screenshot showing where the search tips can be found
  4. The advanced search narrows the search to titles and/or texts and to other criteria.

  5. For tips on how to use the quick search, watch our tutorial (available only in English).