EUR-Lex developments: 03/2019

We are pleased to communicate the latest main changes of EUR-Lex.

  • A table of contents reflecting the structure of the document is now available both for desktop and mobile versions. It appears for treaties, EU legislation and international agreements for which an xml or xhtml format is available (in general documents from 2004 or later). You can open the table of content on the left side of the screen.

    On mobile devices an icon will follow the text and will allow opening the table of contents anytime.

  • In the law making procedure view, a timeline has been added again. It helps quickly understating the phases of the procedure in a given point in time.
  • The statistics on legal acts page has been further enhanced. It now provides separated entries for repealed and expired acts in a specific time period.
  • Both the JURE collection and National Case law have been enhanced. For example: in the result list they can be filtered by ‘Originating Country/organisation’; in the Advanced Search form they can be searched by the name of the court which can also be found in the document notice under "Miscellenous information".
  • The internal procedure view
    • The internal procedures are enriched with new events and their reference date belonging to the Commission Planning phase: "Initiative planned" (which refers to the date when the College has given the political agreement on the initiative) and the "Launch of open public consultation".
    • The internal procedure of the European Economic and Social committee (EESC) leading to the adoption of an opinion is now available. If it is the case, it is linked to an interinstitutional procedure.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.