Discover the latest developments on the EUR-Lex website: 01/2017

In January 2017, a new version of EUR-Lex went online. It includes the display of an internal procedure for autonomous acts of the European Commission.

More concretely, the internal procedure follows the major stages of the internal decision-making process within the European Commission and depicts the work and various contributions of the different sub-entities involved in this process. This EUR-Lex release features the first phase of a series dedicated to internal procedures of the European Commission and includes information related to the stakeholder feedback to which draft autonomous acts are subjected.

Autonomous acts include delegated acts (adopted according to Art. 290 TFEU), implementing acts (adopted according to Art. 291 TFEU) and Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny acts, (adopted according to Article 5a of Council Decision 2006/512/EC, which defined 5 different Comitology procedures ).

The drafts of these acts are being transmitted to EUR-Lex since July 2016, with an ARES document identifier (e.g. Ares(2016)2922072), and information about the internal procedure to which they belong is available from a separate Internal procedure" tab, also featuring the publication of the act in the OJ whenever available.

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