Discover the latest developments on the EUR-Lex website: 06/2016

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Here are the latest improvements and corrections:

  1. Document view
    • To make it easier to find information, and to avoid duplicating it, the tabs in 'document view' have been altered as follows. The tabs labelled 'About this document' and 'Linked documents' have gone. You can find all the information they used to cover by clicking on the 'Document information' tab (previously 'All'). The others are now in a more logical order. The NIM tab is now labelled 'National transposition'.
    • The relationships between documents have been enriched with the possibility to select implementing and delegated acts whenever the basic act allows for their adoption.
    • When the document has been corrected, the language codes of the languages corrected have been added after the CELEX number of the corrigendum.
  2. Advanced search
    • The scope of the text search has been expanded to include subtitles whenever the tick box 'in title' is ticked, leading, for example, to more targeted results for document references.
    • The values in the 'Other types of acts' pick list have been reviewed.
    • The newly published 2016 consolidated versions of the treaties have been added to the relevant drop-down menus.
  3. Results list
    • When exporting search results to a PDF file, the search criteria are automatically added to the exported file.
  4. Quick search
    • Consolidated texts have been added to the scope of the quick search.
  5. Legislative procedures
    • It is now possible to set an RSS feed that will alert you to any new events in the procedure.
    • The layout and readability of the timeline and legal basis heading have been improved
  6. My EUR-Lex
    • Thanks to a link in the My EUR-Lex box, it is now clearer that all users can consult recent searches.
  7. Miscellaneous editorial improvements
    • The logic and layout of the tree structures in EuroVoc, Directories, Institutions and Bodies and OJ has been improved, to make browsing easier.
    • The readability of the FAQ and help pages has been improved by numbering the entries.
    • The behaviour of the left navigation menu in the collection pages has been reviewed for better consistency.

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.