Discover the latest developments on the EUR-Lex website: 03/2016

Improvements and new features:

    Advanced search
    • new collapse/expand function
    • clearer display for the procedure heading and enhanced results via the document reference heading in EU case-law advanced search
    • more document types when searching preparatory acts collection :
      • CoR opinions
      • EESC opinions
      • positions of the Council (together with their statements of reasons)
    • more results when searching by name of court in the JURE advanced search form
    Result list
    • collapse/expand each facet group
    • CELEX number moved from title to metadata (below the title) – better readability
    • registered users can now export more documents
    Document view
    • permalink option added to the ‘bookmark this item’ function
    • better info on HTML document availability
    • better alignment in multilingual display mode
    • multilingual display available for summaries of case law and of JURE decisions
    • search terms highlighted in the main body of the text , not just the title
    European Legislation Identifier (ELI)
    • ELI identifiers have been attributed to:
      • regulations
      • directives
      • decisions
      • consolidated legislation
    • You can find them on the notice page for each document, under ‘Title and Reference’ . You can also change the ELI URI to carry out certain types of searches.
    • The ELI register pages explain what the ELI is and how it has been implemented at EU and national level, and provide technical info .
    Legislative procedures
    • better display of European Parliament documents and metadata
    • improved design of initial document reference in search results
    National implementing measures
    • improved labelling and display , especially for notices with more than one CELEX number, plus information on different deadlines for which the measures have been notified.
    Other improvements
    • improved PDF file of complete help pages
    • navigation menu added to ‘latest developments’ pages

Contact us if you have any feedback or questions about these changes.