National law

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Each EU Member State has its own law and legal system. In addition, they are bound by EU and international law.

Find out more on the interaction between EU and national law.

Member States law is made available through national databases. N-Lex links most of these: N-Lex collection page.

Part of the EU legislation has direct effect in the Member States. This is the case for Regulations and Decisions. Directives on the other hand have to be implemented by Member States into their national law: MNE collection page.

The courts of the Member States apply and interpret national and EU law. Most Member States have one or more databases of their case law. In addition, EUR-Lex gives access to national case law references concerning EU law: national case law collection page.

The JURE collection gives public access to relevant judgments from national courts and the EU Court of Justice under the Brussels and Lugano Conventions, and Regulation No 44/2001. Read more on Curia website.