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EU case-law

In this section, you can find case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, including:

  • Judgments and orders on:
    • cases brought by EU institutions, EU Member States, corporate bodies or individuals against an act or failure to act of an EU institution, body, office or agency
    • cases brought against EU Member States for failing to fulfil their obligations under the EU treaties
    • national courts' requests for preliminary rulings on the validity or interpretation of EU law
    • disputes between the EU and its staff.
  • Opinions and views of Advocates General
  • Opinions of the Court of Justice on draft agreements between the EU and non-EU countries or international organisations.

You will find these documents accompanied by a rich legal analysis and links to related information (e.g. legislation affected or interpreted by a judicial decision, instruments cited in case-law etc.). In most cases, summaries of decisions and references to related academic articles are also available.

How to search in this section

The left-hand side of this page gives access to several search tools.

  • Reports of Cases gives access to a search directly in the official reports by the jurisdictions of the Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • The Directory of case-law contains all the documents of this section organised in 9 main domains and several subdomains.
  • Search in case-law redirects to an advanced search form that offers many options. Searches will be performed only within the remit of the “Case-law” section.

    On the top of the search form, you have the option to: (i) limit your search to documents published in Court Reports; (ii) include or not case-law summaries in search results.

  • The Recently published search gives access to all the documents published in this section in the last 14 days.

You can also search using 4 basic criteria: