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Directory of European Union case-law

Classification scheme after the Lisbon Treaty (since 2010)

In this section, you can find the judgments and orders of the Court of Justice, General Court and Civil Service Tribunal classified by subject in accordance with the classification scheme of the Directory of case-law.

This classification reflects the changes brought by the Treaty of Lisbon, modifying the classification scheme used to analyse case-law from 1954 to 2009.

The new scheme has been applicable since 2010.

How to search in this section

On this page, EUR-Lex displays the classification scheme that was applicable to cases published after the Lisbon Treaty. It consists of 9 main domains and several subdomains and gives access to the cases published from 2010.

To access the cases published up to 2009, click ‘Consult the classification scheme in place before the Lisbon Treaty (up to 2009)’. It consists of 8 main domains and several subdomains.

To display all case-law (both classification schemes), select the check box ‘Show cases from both classification schemes’.