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Public–private partnerships under Horizon Europe



Regulation (EU) 2021/2085 establishing the joint undertakings under Horizon Europe


The regulation:

  • sets up nine joint undertakings as public–private partnerships under the Horizon Europe programme, as provided for in Article 187 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union;
  • determines their objectives and tasks, membership, organisation and other operating rules.


General objectives

The nine joint undertakings are collectively designed to:

The following joint undertakings are set up as EU bodies for a period ending on 31 December 2031, financed under the 2021–2027 multiannual financial framework.

Circular Bio-based Europe, designed to:

  • speed up the development of innovative bio-based solutions;
  • accelerate market deployment of existing solutions;
  • ensure that bio-based industrial systems perform at a high level.

Clean Aviation, designed to :

  • help reduce the carbon footprint of aviation by accelerating the development of climate-neutral aviation technologies;
  • ensure that aeronautics research and innovation (R & I) contributes to EU aviation industry competitiveness;
  • advance EU aviation R & I capacity.

Clean Hydrogen, designed to:

  • help with EU ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the 2020 hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe;
  • strengthen the EU clean hydrogen value chain's competitiveness, bringing innovative clean solutions to the market more rapidly;
  • stimulate R & I on clean hydrogen.

Europe’s Rail, designed to:

  • help achieve the single European railway area;
  • ensure fast transition to a more attractive, user-friendly, competitive, affordable, easy-to-maintain, efficient, integrated and sustainable rail system;
  • support a strong and globally competitive European rail industry.

Global Health European and developing countries clinical trials partnership 3, designed to:

  • help reduce the socioeconomic burden of infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa by promoting new or improved health technologies;
  • strengthen preparedness and response to infectious diseases to contribute to health security in sub-Saharan Africa and globally.

Innovative Health Initiative, designed to:

  • create a health R & I ecosystem, helping translate scientific knowledge into innovations;
  • develop safe, cost-effective innovations to respond to strategic unmet public health needs;
  • drive innovation for a competitive and effective European health industry, industrial strategy for Europe and pharmaceutical strategy for Europe.

Key Digital Technologies, designed to:

  • reinforce autonomy in electronic components and systems to support future needs of vertical industries and the economy;
  • establish scientific excellence and innovation leadership in emerging components and systems technologies, particularly involving small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • ensure Europe’s societal and environmental challenges are addressed by components and systems technologies.

Single European Sky ATM Research 3, designed to:

  • strengthen and integrate EU R & I capacity in air traffic management, making it more resilient and scalable;
  • strengthen, through innovation, the competitiveness of manned and unmanned air transport;
  • develop and speed up the market uptake of innovative solutions to establish the single European sky as the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly airspace.

Smart Networks and Services, designed to:

  • foster Europe’s technological leadership in future smart networks and services;
  • achieve better strategic alignment with the telecoms industry, along with the internet of things, the cloud, and components and devices;
  • advance European technological and scientific leadership to shape and master 6G systems by 2030;
  • strengthen digital infrastructure deployment and the uptake of digital solutions in the European markets;
  • support the alignment of future smart networks and services with policy objectives including the European Green Deal, security, ethics and privacy, together with a human-centric and sustainable internet.

Monitoring and evaluation

The joint undertakings are continuously monitored to ensure the greatest impact, their scientific excellence and the most effective and efficient use of resources. Results will be fed back to the Horizon Europe project.


It has applied since 30 November 2021.


For further information, see:


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