About N-Lex

About N-Lex

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What is N-Lex?

N-Lex is a single entry point to national legislation databases in individual EU countries.

It does not contain any documents itself – rather it is a simple search interface for the national legal information systems (and, as such, is fully dependent on these systems).

What can you do on N-Lex?

  • Use a standard search function to search databases in any country
  • Retrieve documents directly from those databases
  • Find descriptions of database content for each country (different types of national law) and how to make targeted searches for it
  • Find documents in any EU language (using automated translation to make searches, and translate your search results pages)


N-Lex is designed to complement the EU's site for legal acts, EUR-Lex – by providing links to national law.

It was developed jointly by the EU's Publications Office and EU governments.