Swedish law on the Internet



lagrummet.se is the public service that makes Swedish law available on the Internet. It is managed by the Swedish National Courts Administration (Domstolsverket). The site publishes a number of series, bringing together legislative information emanating from the government, parliament, higher courts and public authorities.

lagrummet.se provides access to the following:

  • legislation: legislative and regulatory instruments published in the Swedish Code of Statutes, and instruments of public authorities
  • preparatory work: proposals and communications from the government, proposals from MPs and opinions from parliamentary commissions
  • case law: information on various higher court rulings and decisions by public authorities
  • international law: international agreements.

All legislative texts published in the Swedish Code of Statutes since 1736 are available for consultation. You can search the legislative databases using search masks adapted to the different types of instrument and to your own specific needs (free text and specific searches).

Legal acts

Official register of legislative instruments: contains information (responsible authority, date of entry into force, preparatory work and amendments) on legislative and regulatory instruments in the Swedish Code of Statutes. This register covers all published instruments from the 1985/86 financial year.

Legislation (full texts): covers consolidated versions of all legislative and regulatory instruments published in the Swedish Code of Statutes since 1736.

Swedish Code of Statutes: contains legislative and regulatory instruments (since 1998) which are part of the Swedish Code of Statutes. The instruments are presented as they are published in paper form (i.e. in PDF format). Repealed instruments can also be found.

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