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'Drug prevention and information' programme (2007-2013)

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'Drug prevention and information' programme (2007-2013)

The European Union (EU) establishes the 'Drug prevention and information' programme for the period 1.1.2007 - 31.12.2013 is part of the General Programme 'Fundamental Rights and Justice'. It aims to support projects aimed at preventing drug use.


Decision 1150/2007/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 September establishing for the period 2007-2013 the specific programme 'Drug prevention and information' as part of the General Programme 'Fundamental Rights and Justice'.


The death rate from drug addiction in Europe is very high. It is essential to measure the immediate and long-term consequences of drug use on health and social and psychological development, and the equality of the chances of the individuals concerned.

The 'Drug prevention and information' programme set up by the European Union has three objectives. Specifically to:

  • prevent and reduce drug use, drug addiction and the associated inherent risks;
  • improve information about drug use;
  • support the implementation of the EU Drugs Strategy.

To this end, the programme supports transnational actions aimed at:

  • creating multi-disciplinary networks;
  • ensuring the expansion of the knowledge base, as well as the exchange of information and good practices;
  • raising awareness of the health and social problems caused by drug use;
  • preventing drug use.


The actions financed by this programme are:

  • the actions implemented by the Commission (research, surveys, conferences, campaigns, public events, analysis, Internet sites, etc.);
  • transnational projects of European interest presented by Member States or by candidate countries for membership of the EU;
  • the activities of non-governmental organisations and other bodies pursuing aims of general European interest.

The actions developed under this programme are open to public or private bodies, active in terms of preventing, or providing information, on drug use.

The programme is targeted at all groups implicated in drug use, but most particularly at ‘at risk groups’ such as young people, women, vulnerable groups and people living in socially disadvantaged areas.

Other targeted groups include educational staff, parents, teachers, social workers, local and national authorities, medical and paramedical personnel, judicial staff, law enforcement and penitentiary authorities, non-governmental organisations, trade unions and religious communities.


The programme has a budget for 2007-2013 of EUR 21.35 million. Grants are awarded by the Commission following calls for proposals, taking into account:

  • the conformity of the proposed action with the annual work programme;
  • the consistency of the expected results with the programme objectives;
  • the sum asked for and whether it is appropriate to the expected results;
  • the geographical and social impact of the action and its likely effect on the public;
  • citizen involvement in the organisation of the bodies concerned.


The EU has launched a number of initiatives in its fight against drugs. In addition to the EU Drugs Strategy for the period 2005-2012, an Action Plan was adopted in order to translate the strategy into concrete actions.

The 'Drug prevention and information' programme forms part of the general programme ‘Fundamental Rights and Justice’ 2007-2013 aimed at promoting freedom, security and justice in the EU. The latter also includes the Criminal Justice, Civil Justice, and Fundamental Rights and Citizenship specific programmes, and the Daphne III programme on combating violence.



Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Decision 1150/2007/EC



OJ L 257, 3.10.2007


Report on the interim evaluation of the specific Programme ‘Drug prevention and information’ for the period 2007-2013 [COM(2011) 246 final - Not published in the Official Journal].

The evaluation of the programme shows that it has recorded good results during the first three years of implementation and that several objectives have been achieved. The Commission regrets, however, the insufficient budget it has at its disposal and which prevents the programme from having a real effect at European level. It therefore proposes to increase the financial resources of the programme, and also to prioritise projects with a European dimension, to simplify the administrative procedures and to improve the dissemination of the results obtained.

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