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The Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic


Commission Opinion [COM(97) 2009 final - Not published in the Official Journal]Commission Report [COM(98) 708 final - Not published in the Official Journal]Commission Report [COM(1999) 503 final - Not published in the Official Journal]Commission Report [COM(2000) 703 final - Not published in the Official Journal]Commission Report [COM(2001) 700 final - SEC(2001) 1746 - Not published in the Official Journal]Commission Report [COM(2002) 700 final - SEC(2002) 1401 - Not published in the Official Journal]Commission Report [COM(2003) 675 final - SEC(2003) 1200 - Not published in the Official JournalTreaty of Accession to the European Union [Official Journal L 236 of 23.09.2003]


In its opinion of July 1997, the European Commission took the view that, although significant progress had been made in adopting the measures mentioned in the 1995 White Paper on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the internal market, further alignment on the acquis was still necessary in the agricultural sector. It was considered that the fisheries sector should not pose any problems for the Czech Republic's accession.

The November 1998 report notes the lack of progress on the short-term priority of reinforcing institutional and administrative capacity as regards agriculture. Further steps were required in the veterinary and phytosanitary fields. No progress had been noted in the fisheries sector.

The October 1999 Report stressed the progress achieved in aligning agricultural legislation on the acquis and in introducing and strengthening the structures required for implementation. However, further efforts were needed, particularly as regards the market organisations and the veterinary and plant health sectors. No progress had been made on fisheries.

The November 2000 report stated that efforts had been made to align Czech legislation on the Community acquis. Progress was needed in implementing some common organisations of the markets and in building up the administrative capacity required to apply the acquis in the plant health sector, and in the rural development and forestry sectors. There had been little progress on fisheries since the last report.

The November 2001 report highlights the efforts made to continue the alignment of the Community acquis and to introduce management structures for the common agricultural policy.

On fisheries there has been some progress. For instance, documents have been produced on structural programming and a producer organisation has been set up. In the area of State aid to fisheries, programmes to support productivity funded by State subsidies have continued in 2001.

The 2002 Report noted that the adjustment of administrative structures had continued, as had transposal of the plant-health acquis. The delay in aligning legislation with the agricultural acquis in general would have to be addressed. In the fisheries sector, progress had been achieved in structural and market policy in particular.

The November 2003 Report demonstrates that the Czech Republic is broadly fulfilling its commitments and is meeting the requirements agreed under the accession negotiations in the agricultural and fisheries sectors. Only public health provisions are not at the requisite level. The Czech Republic will not be ready in time in this area.


The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) aims to maintain and develop a modern agricultural system ensuring a fair standard of living for the agricultural community and a supply of food at reasonable prices for consumers, as well as free movement of goods within the EC.

The Europe Agreement which provides the legal basis for agricultural trade between the Czech Republic and the Community aims to promote cooperation on modernising, restructuring and privatising the Czech agriculture sector and agri-food industry and plant health standards. The 1995 White Paper on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the internal market covers legislation in the fields of veterinary, plant health and animal nutrition controls, as well as marketing requirements for individual commodities. The purpose of such legislation is to protect consumers, public health and the health of animals and plants.

The Common Fisheries Policy includes common market organisations, structural policy, agreements with third countries, management and conservation of fish resources, and scientific research in support of these activities.

The Europe Agreement includes provisions concerning trade in fisheries products with the Union. The White Paper includes no measures in this field.



The Czech Republic is on the whole fulfilling its commitments regarding the common market organisations, horizontal questions and rural development. Most of the preparations in the field of animal disease control have been carried out. An intensive effort is required, on the other hand, to catch up in other veterinary and plant health areas. This is also true in the case of the paying agency, the Integrated Administration and Control System, trade mechanisms and the common market organisations for sugar, wine, beef and veal. The Commission has stated that it is very concerned about public health protection. The Czech Republic cannot be ready in time unless measures are taken swiftly.


On the whole, the Czech Republic has made an effort to comply with its commitments. Its administrative capacity for managing fisheries needs to be strengthened.

Last updated: 27.02.2004