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Waste management statistics

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Waste management statistics

The European Union has created a framework for the production of statistics on the generation, recovery and disposal of waste.


Regulation (EC) No 2150/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2002 on waste statistics.



This law permits the gathering of regular and comparable data in EU countries and their transmission to Eurostat. The statistics collected allow the EU waste policy implementation to be monitored and evaluated.



The law covers the production of statistics by EU countries and the Commission in their respective fields of competence:

  • waste generation (Annex I to the regulation);
  • recovery and disposal of waste (Annex II to the regulation).


EU countries and the Commission are required to use the nomenclatures (categories) set out in Annexes I to III to produce their statistics. These nomenclatures refer to waste categories (e.g. spent solvents, mineral and metallic wastes), economic activities (ranging from mining to food or textile production) and waste management operations (e.g. sewerage, industrial waste treatment or materials recovery).

Data collection

The data used to produce the statistics are to be collected by means of surveys, statistical estimation procedures or referral to administrative or other sources. Unless they generate large amounts of waste, firms with fewer than 10 employees are excluded from surveys.

Transmission of statistics to Eurostat

EU countries must transmit the statistical results (including confidential data) to Eurostat within 18 months of the end of the reference periods laid down in Annexes I and II. The frequency is biennial.

The Commission is able to adopt measures necessary for applying or amending the regulation. These measures relate to:

  • the appropriate format for the transmission of results by EU countries;
  • adjustment to economic and technical developments in the gathering, processing and communication of statistics;
  • the adaptation of the specifications listed in Annexes I, II and III;
  • the formulation of proper quality assessment criteria;
  • the implementation of the results of pilot studies.

Every 3 years, the Commission reports to the European Parliament and Council on the statistics prepared under this regulation, their quality and the burden on businesses.


From 29 December 2002.

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Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Regulation (EC) No 2150/2002



OJ L 332, 9.12.2002, pp. 1-36

Amending act(s)

Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Regulation (EC) No 574/2004



OJ L 90, 27.3.2004, pp. 15-47

Regulation (EC) No 783/2005



OJ L 131, 25.5.2005, pp. 38-41

Regulation (EC) No 221/2009



OJ L 87, 31.3.2009, pp. 157-159

Regulation (EU) No 849/2010



OJ L 253, 28.9.2010, pp. 2-41

Subsequent amendments and corrections to Regulation (EC) No 2150/2002 have been incorporated in the basic text. This consolidated version is of purely documentary value .


Commission Regulation (EC) No 1445/2005 of 5 September 2005 defining the proper quality evaluation criteria and the contents of the quality reports for waste statistics for the purposes of Regulation (EC) No 2150/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Official Journal L 229, 6.9.2005, pp. 6-12).

Commission Regulation (EC) No 782/2005 of 24 May 2005 setting out the format for the transmission of results on waste statistics (Official Journal L 131, 25.5.2005, pp. 26-37).

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