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Employment Committee

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Employment Committee

The Employment Committee advises the European Commission and the Council of the European Union on promoting coordination between European Union (EU) countries on employment and labour market policies.


Council Decision (EU) 2015/772 of 11 May 2015 establishing the Employment Committee and repealing Decision 2000/98/EC



It sets out the tasks of the Employment Committee, which must contribute to the procedure leading to the adoption of the broad economic guidelines in order to ensure consistency between the latter and employment guidelines.

The Committee must also contribute to the synergy between the European employment strategy, macroeconomic policy coordination and the process of economic reform in a mutually supportive way.

It also lays down rules regarding the membership, operation and working groups of the committee.


The committee’s tasks are to:

  • monitor the employment situation and employment policies in EU countries;
  • contribute to the preparation of the Council proceedings on drafting the guidelines that EU countries must take into account in their employment policies;
  • formulate opinions at the request of either the Council or the Commission or on its own initiative.

In carrying out these tasks, the committee must bear in mind the objective of a high level of employment in the formulation of EU policies. It must also endeavour to:

  • contribute to all aspects of the European semester within its mandate and report on them to the Council;
  • ensure exchanges of information and experience between EU countries and the Commission.

It adopts a work programme each year and sends a copy to the Commission.

Each EU country and the Commission will appoint two members of the committee. These members will be selected from among those possessing outstanding competence in the field of employment and labour market policy. Members elect a chairperson and four vice-chairpersons.

The Commission provides the analytical and organisational support for the committee. It designates a staff member to act as secretary.

In fulfilling its mandate, the committee must consult management and labour. In this context, it establishes contacts with the social partners represented on the tripartite social summit for growth and employment.

The committee works closely with the Social Protection Committee, the Economic and Financial Committee and the Economic Policy Committee. This may include the organisation of joint meetings in the context of the European semester.


From 15 May 2015.


The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (Title IX) sets out the procedures whereby EU countries should work together towards developing a coordinated strategy for employment and particularly for promoting a skilled, trained and adaptable workforce responsive to economic change. The establishment of an advisory Employment Committee is part of this.

This decision replaces previous Decision 2000/98/EC establishing the Employment Committee in order to reflect the development of the European semester and the role of the committee in this process.

For more information, see Employment Committee on the European Commission’s website.



Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Decision (EU) 2015/772



OJ L 121, 14.5.2015, pp. 12-15


Recommendation for a Council Recommendation - On broad guidelines for the economic policies of the Member States and of the Union (COM(2015) 99 final of 2.3.2015)

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