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Tractors and agricultural or forestry machinery: braking

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Tractors and agricultural or forestry machinery: braking

In the interests of safety at work and on the road, this directive lays down the rules and requirements to enable the type-approval procedure for tractors to be applied in relation to braking devices.


Directive 76/432/EEC of 6 April 1976 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to braking systems for wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors.



The directive applies to tractors fitted with pneumatic tyres and two axles, and having a maximum design speed of between 6 and 40 kilometres per hour.

EU countries may not refuse to grant either the EC or national approval of a tractor for reasons relating to braking devices if these meet the technical requirements set out in Annexes I to IV of the directive. The same applies to the registration, sale, entry into service and use of such tractors.

The annexes contain the following:

  • Annex I: definitions, application for EC type approval, EC type approval, construction and fitting requirements;
  • Annex II: braking tests and performance of braking devices;
  • Annex III: spring brakes;
  • Annex IV: parking braking by mechanical locking of the brake cylinders (lock actuators);
  • Annex V: model type-approval certificate.

Adaptations to technical progress

Amendments needed in order to adapt the annexes to technical progress were adopted in accordance with the procedure provided for in Directive 74/150/EEC which was subsequently repealed and replaced by Directive 2003/37/EC.


167/2013 of 5 February 2013 repeals Directive 76/432/EEC and Directive 2003/37/EC with effect from 1.1.2016.



Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Directive 76/432/EEC



OJ L 122 of 8.5.1976

Amending acts

Entry into force

Deadline for transposition in the Member States

Official Journal

Directive 82/890/EEC



OJ L 378 of 31.12.1982

Directive 96/63/EC



OJ L 253 of 5.10.1996

Directive 97/54/EC



OJ L 277 of 10.10.1997

Repealed by Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 of 5 February 2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the approval and market surveillance of agricultural and forestry vehicles (Official Journal L 60, 2.3.2013).

Last updated: 30.06.2014