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Estonia - Economic reform

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Estonia - Economic reform

Short-term priorities:

  • establishment of medium-term economic policy priorities and joint assessment within the framework of the Europe Agreement;
  • maintenance of high growth, while reducing inflation and increasing the level of national savings;
  • acceleration of land reform with a view to increasing private ownership;
  • introduction of key legislation linked to pension reform.

Assessment (October 1999)

These priorities had been partially met.

Estonia had not yet elaborated a medium-term economic strategy. The privatisation process in the manufacturing sector had been completed. Privatisation of the big utility companies had progressed further but still had to be completed in the energy sector. Further efforts to restructure companies would be needed over several years, particularly in the food processing sector. Land reform had moved forward but it was far from completed; legislation related to pension reform had to be completed.

Assessment (November 2000)

The restructuring plan for the oil-shale industry had yet to be completed. Land reform continued to be slow. A medium-term economic strategy had been drawn up. A law on pension reform had been adopted but other measures needed to be taken to complete the reform programme.

Assessment (November 2001)

The privatisation process was continuing. Basic legislation had been adopted with a view to reforming pensions. Gradual progress had been made on land reform.

Assessment (October 2002)

Overall, the priorities of the accession partnership in this field have been partially met. Implementation of the measures laid down in the action plan is behind schedule.

Assessment (November 2003)

Please refer to the fact sheets on the adoption of the Community acquis.

Medium-term priorities:

  • completion of the pensions reform;
  • establishment of an annual budget audit procedure;
  • facilitation of business start-ups and development, with special emphasis on SMEs;
  • completion of the land reform.

Assessment (November 2001)

A budget audit procedure had been adopted. Work had been done on improving the business climate. Progress had been made in restructuring the oil-shale sector.

Assessment (October 2002)

The application of the plan for restructuring the oil-shale sector is progressing slowly despite the fact that partial privatisation of the industry has been called off. Estonia has continued to work towards improving the conditions offered to private companies and in January 2002 it adopted a new strategy called "Enterprise Estonia".

Assessment (November 2003)

Please refer to the fact sheets on the adoption of the Community acquis.

Following the signing of the Accession Treaty on 16 April 2003, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia acceded to the European Union on 1 May 2004.


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